Natural Products Expo West: “Health Food” and Indigo Adults?

Natural Foods Expo West 2010
Natural Foods Expo West 2010
I just got back from Anaheim because I was attending the Natural Products Expo West (aka “Expo West” in the industry) and I had a bit if a revelation while I was there.

The expo is a lot of fun and I have been going for the past 5 years.

I always meet great people (lots of indigo adults) and try great products that are there in the hopes of getting orders from big chain health food stores like Whole Foods.

So I always end up sampling tons of great (and not so great) foods that all claim to be extremely healthy.

But this year, for the last few months before the Expo, I was eating extremely clean and healthy and simply. No packaged stuff. No whites (flour, sugar, etc). No MSG or things labeled as healthy sounding ingredients that actually are MSG (I’ll probably be writing an article on this topic very soon.)

So when I arrived at Expo West this year, I was a blank slate, and as an indigo adult, it felt very good to eat this way.

Perhaps I will outline what I was doing in another post, as well.

After eating 2 days worth of the new “health” foods that were on the market, I felt terrible. I was bloated, sort of grouchy, tired, my gums were bleeding, I had migraines, I gained about 5 pounds and I looked like I had aged about 15 years. SERIOUSLY.

I guess I could blame the hectic schedule of the convention, but I already have a hectic schedule in my normal day-to-day life… usually 14 hour days… and I’m fine.

So it was definitely the food. The “HEALTH” food.

Which got me to thinking…

Most of what is now in the health stores is not really healthy.

I mean, it’s healthier than what is in the regular supermarkets. But if it’s got packaging, it’s probably got some sort of preservatives and processing, even if it’s done as clean and as ethical as possible by the company.

Just something to keep in mind, because as indigo adults, we tend to be more sensitive to the additives in foods, both physically and mentally, and that is why it is important to eat as cleanly as possible.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy splurging once in a while and am willing to take on the ramifications.

But even if I do fast food (which is maybe once or twice a year) I make sure it is the most acceptable form of fast food, like In and Out Burger, which allows me to literally watch them cut the potatoes in front of me (which I don’t order, anyway) and I make sure I order it “protein style”… without the wheat filled bun.

I might feel a bit icky the next day, but a lot better than, say, Burger King. I had a few bites of a friend’s burger last fall and within 20 minutes felt like I was going to fall over and puke for days. Never again. I’d rather be hungry.

Anyhoo, the intention of posting this is just to remind all of you indigo adults and empaths out there that though food claims to be healthy, a lot of the time that’s a way of marketing to the segment of the population that wants a healthy body, which I believe is a majority of the people.

So it’s a super-smart way to market, but it’s not necessarily fully honest all the time.

In future posts I will write about the products I found at this year’s Expo that I DID like, and did find to be healthful to me, and maybe that will feel good to you, too.

I say “maybe” because ultimately every body is unique and requires different nutrients and needs. My preferences are suggestions… A healthy food list that I have compiled for myself that you might like, since we are indigo adults and most likely share strengths and sensitivities.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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