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My First Access Bars Session (Week 1)

new age online access bars access consciousness

I have recently been posting a lot about Access Consciousness, which has fascinated me since I started researching it a couple weeks ago.

Access Consciousness works with an energetic bodywork technique called Access Bars.

I had my first session this past Monday and would like to tell you the results so far. This also helps me to document my progress to see if it is actually an effective technique.

I also like to do it this way because all I know about this technique and philosophy is what I have watched on YouTube, read on the website, and read in one of the books on money. By not knowing much about the technique, I am able to be more objective about it.

The session was great. During the session, my mind wandered to a variety of memories from long ago, ranging from my father dying in the hospital to my time at a crazy camera acting school in Los Angeles. Again, I don’t know the technique beyond a cursory level, so i can’t explain the phenomenon, but judging from what I know about how my own healing has gone, when memories come to me like that, it is often because I have trapped bits of myself (or “hooks” as I have heard them referred to in some philosophies) that are released through the recollection and the release of the emotion that comes with that memory. In the case of my father, the memory of him was when he was at his worst in the hospital, right before he died when he was bloated and couldn’t communicate but was alive and conscious. This was probably the most traumatic period of his dying experience for me, and I probably couldn’t take it all in at the time. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the reason was that I went to that moment in my life, but the session was certainly a walk down memory lane… places and experiences I haven’t thought of in ages.

In terms of the actual session, the practitioner placed her hands on different points on my head and neck, and it felt very similar to acupressure. As she activated these points on my head, I would feel sensations in other parts of my body… perhaps blocked energy that was releasing. Again, I don’t care what the reason was for what I was feeling as long as I am better in the end.

The rest of the day was kind of hum-drum. Nothing spectacular. I was surprised. But I have been working with a lot of the tools… the questions that stimulate expansion in thinking on what is possible. So the progress may be yet to come.

Tuesday I was ecstatic most of the day. Like, a feeling of joy beyond what seems rational. It really hit me by surprise, but I’m certainly going to welcome it and celebrate it! Yay!

In the evening, I went into New York to go to a meetup ski group. It was good, and actually, I attracted a lot of positive attention from men, which is nice because that hasn’t been happening lately and I am single right now. Lots of flirting, which I really liked.

But I was very tired by the time I left New York to return to New Jersey, and felt wrecked by the time my bus pulled into my town.

I woke up Wednesday in a really, really bad mood. Sometimes that happens after a day in New York, even if I do everything I can to clean off the energy of the city before going to sleep. So it could have been that… Or it could have been that I had to do a podcast about travel and tourism about Chicago, and generally when I connect with Chicago energy, it sends me into a tizzy. I used the Access Awareness tools to clear the energy I have around and concerning Chicago, and the podcast actually came out really well. Positive. I did feel better after it was done, though.

Then, throughout the day I became more and more joyful, to the point of that irrationally ecstatic joy again. I kind of stand beside myself and think, “HUH! That’s interesting and cool!” as I observe myself feeling this way for absolutely no conscious reason. It’s fascinating to me.

I brought my dog to the dog park in the late afternoon and people that usually either ignore me or are grouchy were overtly kind and talkative. Again, I am fascinated and perplexed in a good way.

Today is Thursday and I woke up a bit grouchy again, but I did some clearing work and went downstairs to edit the podcast on Chicago. Now I am writing this post, and I must say I am in a pretty chipper mood. 🙂

As I write this, I’m noticing a cricket making music in the house, which is usually a good sign for me.

I will continue to keep you updated on my progress.

I’m doing my best to give a balanced perspective. I have no vested interest in this work except that it might help other indigos. So far I like it. As with everything else I test, we’ll see if there are actually any real-world changes/improvements to my life.

Please write if this is interesting to you or if you would prefer I just give you the overview. I don’t want to bore you with details, but this might be a viable way for other indigo adults to feel better in their world, so I also don’t want to hold back on the details. I would love your comments and thoughts on this post. Should I be more succinct or do you like the day by day run down?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: The seemingly nonsense clearing statements that are part of Access Consciousness do work for me. Again, I’m curious and fascinated…

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