More September Soul Shifts Toward Self-Love and Heart Chakra Opening

My last post was about the transformation that occurred in August with me shifting to my real name… Indigo (or “Indy”).

And of course it continued into September.

The theme has been mostly about self-love and making choices that encourage my heart chakra opening even more than it is now.

Between reconnecting with my ex-boyfriend after 7 years and losing my favorite yoga teacher, who has been this nurturing aspect of my life for over a year, there were all these little mini-shifts at the beginning of September that forced me to reassess a lot of the perceptions I have had for the last several years.

Then there was stepping back into the roll of healer by taking a two day structural integration course, which felt totally awesome and right.

Actually, everything has felt totally awesome and right. I mean, the little earthquakes in my world don’t always feel good on all levels, but in a weird way, they feel like I am headed toward something awesome and so I have to embrace them, even thought they feel weird at the time.

Then there was the energy healing I received. I usually roll my eyes at energy healing because I have not really had much permanent change with energy work. It usually just feels like my aura is fluffed up a bit and then I am sent home and nothing has shifted.

But I chose to work with this healer because it was in her workshop at the yoga center where I am a member that I asserted, “I want to be a permaculture farmer.”


She waved her magic wand and I was on my own permaculture farm in Vermont harvesting rhubarb!

Just kidding.

Actually, there was nothing that happened during the workshop. I fell asleep during the meditation and I was laughed to myself that that was the most half-assed effort on my part to take the energy work seriously.

Then, a week later I am in the Permaculture Design Course that I described in my last post, that brought on a whole other set of shifts.

So we did some energy work and I felt a ton of stuff clear in the session. I have not felt much since then but she told me that this healing might take a month or so to kick in and we did the healing on September 4 so there is still time to wait and see.

My intention for that healing was to move further toward my life as Indigo and away from my facade as a muggle, which is a contortion that is necessary for me to survive in New Jersey but so far away from who I am that it is laughable. I play it like an actor plays a roll in a play.

But I want my real life now.

The overarching words I keep hearing from this healer and other people as well as my own impressions on the situation are that my transformation for this phase is about further opening the heart chakra, and diving deep into self love.

It has come up so many times in the last two months that I can’t even count them all.

Because if I am not nurturing myself, there is no way to nurture others.

And if I am creating this new life for myself, what better way to do it than with the open heart chakra energy?

But there is still many shields and contortions to shake off.

I am curious to know how others are doing with the shifting times? Is your heart chakra going through an opening? Is your being calling for more nurturing and self-love?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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