Money Energy Clearing Blessing Indigo adults

Money Energy: Clearing and Blessing

Money Energy Clearing Blessing Indigo adultsWhen it comes to money energy, it is beneficial to clear and bless that which comes to you and that which you send out, as well as the entire money energy collective.

No matter what your feeling is toward money and wealth, I want to offer to you the idea that all the money that comes in and out of your life has a vibration on it.

It is not just the energy of where you directly got the money (the previous person or organization that had it).

It is also all the other people who had that money before you, and an entire global sentiment toward money in general.

Let’s talk about three predominant energetic levels where money gets the energy it carries.


I have a relative that always gives me money for my birthday.

It is generous and I am grateful for it, but I can feel the day before the birthday gift arrives in the mail.

It is always a day when I feel exceptionally grouchy and short-tempered.

This is the energy of the relative and also he never includes a card or actually writes “Happy Birthday” anywhere.

The energy on the check definitely feels like a bill he is paying, not a celebration of the day of my birth.

I never want to put it into my bank account even though often times it would be very useful.

Now that I have figured out why I am reluctant to add it to the money that I already have, I have learned to clear the energy on the money and bless the money and send it love before putting it into my account.

This is contrasted with getting paid by one of my clients who pays me to help her with her clean living website.

She meditates and blesses money and hands her payments to me with gratitude for the work that I have done for her.

The vibration on this money is worth much more than it’s “weight in gold” because I not only receive the usefulness that money is to buy things, but also the happy vibration on that money from my client.

It makes me smile every time I see it in my wallet and especially when I touch it. I feel gratitude back to her and I continue the love energy when I send it out to others through spending it.

The money I get from my client IS HOW I WANT ALL OF MY MONEY TO FEEL.

Physical Money Energy

For dollar bills or other paper and coin currency… Money that takes physical form that passes through a lot of hands…The energy is directly on the physical object representing money.

This is significant because those using $1 dollar bills have a much different energy around money than those using $100 bills.

But whatever type of bill or coin you have, it has probably picked up some heavy energy along the way by individuals accidentally placing heavy vibrations on the physical form of money (scarcity, lack, sadness, anger at prices, etc).

This is why paper money should be energetically cleared and blessed, too.

Money Energy as a Collective

For the digital money that passes through our lives, but does not have physical form, it has energy to it that is more of a collective consciousness.

There are sub-groups to the collective consciousness money energy.

A credit card sub-collective is often lower in vibration because people often feel sad about the debt. Contrast this with the collective feeling toward the money at a bank where people have large savings accounts with lots of money.

As this intangible form of money passes from one place to the other and from sub-group to sub-group it can change its vibration.

But I also think about this non-tangiable form of money as a giant collective, no matter where it is claimed to be held. And that collective could be cleared and loved as well.

So clearing / blessing can be sent to the sub-group (Sallie Mae or Visa) or to the entire non-tangiable collective of the current modern money system, and it would be of benefit to the individual doing the blessing as well as to the collective consciousness on this planet.

Improving the Money Energy

I can’t say that clearing and sending love to the money that comes in to your life will improve your financial state, but it will shift how you feel about the money you have.

And if you are empathic, you will feel that the energy coming off your bank accounts or from the money in your wallet will feel better when you connect with it energetically.

It feels to me that if money had consciousness, it would want to be cleared and blessed and sent out with love.

And it seems logical that by sending out this loving energy with the money that you spend, that you will be sending out love which will pay that love energy forward as well as have it come back to you in other ways.

Recently, I observe the anger, frustration and sadness of a lot of people on this planet in regards to abundance (or lack of).

I understand why people feel this way and sometimes I feel this way but I think that if the entire collective consciousness (or at least the lightworkers) sent the energy of love to the energy of money as if money were a person, that collective feeling frustrating benefit from additional money would be able to receive it easier.

If nothing else, it would be an interesting experiment to try.

Please let me know if you try to clear and bless the energy of money for a while and how that works for you! Leave your comments below.

Also, if you have additional thoughts or meditations you do regarding the vibration of money, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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