Mercury Retrogade and Gift Giving

Just a short note for you to keep in mind over the holidays…

Mercury goes retrograde on the 26th of December…

Perfect for reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while, not so perfect for buying gifts, especially electronics.

“Mercury is about to retrograde too, from December 26 to January 16, so that will create a much slower pace during the year-end holidays. Mercury retrograde is not a time to sign contracts, to launch new ventures, or to form new associations and partnerships. Wait out this period and enjoy the social side of your life as you do.

Mercury’s slowdowns will be noticeable as early as December 9, the day you should give yourself as your finish date for holiday shopping. Certainly you should never buy a computer or any other expensive electronic during a Mercury retrograde, so get those early in the month. “

– Aquarius Horoscope for December 2009 from

Sometimes if you can clear as much of the planetary energy away during a retrograde (or pre-retrograde) period, you will be able to purchase the item without Merc. Retro affecting it.

But only do this you really, really don’t have the option of putting off the purchase until after Mercury has gone direct.

SIDE NOTE: Astrology Zone has great monthly forecasts. I have been a regular reader for years and I highly recommend it!

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