Here are the two main meditations I use to keep myself in balance. I believe all indigo adults should do them on a regular basis.

Meditation 1: Clear Energy/Feel Better FAST: This will help you clean your energy field in about 10 minutes. If you do it every day and night for an extended amount of time, you will start to recognize what is yours and what belongs to others, the collective around you, locations, etc. Very helpful.

Meditation 2: Call Back Your Energy: Indigo adults and empaths not only pick up and carry around other people’s energy, but also tend to “rub off” on others, especially in times of stress, when drinking alcohol, during sex, exhaustion, etc… This can leave the indigo adult/empath feeling drained and scattered. After meditation 1 is complete, it is helpful to do this meditation. I find that I don’t need to do this as often as Meditation 1, but it helps when I do do it. Probably once a week is good.