Losing More Than My Facebook Profile

[Dear Indigos: This post was supposed to be posted on Steemit during a momentary whim to just post a little stream-of-consciousness ditty online.  For some reason, the post kept failing so I think it was meant to go here anyway.]


I haven’t been on Steemit much beyond my introduction because, like most people on this planet, my Facebook feed still has me hypnotized to a nauseating extent.

I have something to admit.

I have two Facebook accounts.

One account is ME as most of my friends know me, and the other one was the one that I talk about “weird” stuff, like being empathic and alternative healing.

In order to not confuse one with the other (for example, people looking for a movie director and finding a post about hugging trees and feeling their energy) I created two separate Facebook identities and their corresponding websites/blogs.

Technically, they are both me, but the topics are so divergent that it seemed like a good idea to keep them separate so that I do not confuse people and dilute my “brand” as a human being with an Internet presence, which is weird, but sort of important when people do searches for information about me.

And it is already challenging to not confuse people with the plethora of jobs that I do (director/producer/photographer/video editor/etc) so going into a whole other field (like healing) seemed to just add to people’s inability (and frustration) to not pigeonhole me into a singular identity.

But I have been locked out of the healing/empathic Facebook profile and I’m not sure what to do now.

There is a part of me that has debated abandoning that entire side of myself online because of all this nonsense with Facebook.

I have a website I have maintained since 2009 [theindigoadults.com] which now has a hefty following (and many of whom are also active in the Facebook group that I can no longer access).

Is this Facebook disconnect a sign that it is time to walk away from all of this?

I haven’t posted on the website for a long time. Partially because I got trolled for the first time when I posted something political last year, and partially because I just don’t seem to be into it as much anymore.

But throughout the years, the interest in posting to the healing website has not always been strong but has always come back eventually.

Also, the way I approach the topic has also morphed throughout the years, but now I feel the urge possibly pull it too far from the original topic.

When I started, the website was more about the beautiful distinction of being an empathic person and teaching others to celebrate the awarenesses they had and to get better at having them. It was to acknowledge that there is an energetic world around us and that it is real, even though some are not aware of it while some are viscerally affected by it.

Then, when I realized there were a lot of us out there, it became about what that meant for the greater good of the planet and the universe. I also started to realize that there were many that struggled with their abilities, or weren’t sure about them, or they were being criticized for talking about the things they were experiencing by the people around them.

Now I just see so much possibility making the world a better place for everyone through permaculture and building communities based around the care and health of the earth.

But that seems like I’m straying too far from the original site, except that empaths often can feel the energy of the living earth.

In the past I have stuck to topics that answered questions like, “Do I have this special ability?” or “Am I perceiving what I think I am perceiving?” and I think at this point I have answered those questions thoroughly through a multitude of posts.

Now I want to just harness everyone’s effort and desire of making the world a better place into taking action toward greening the planet and protecting the beings (plants, animals, minerals, fungi, etc) that are living here.

But am I confusing my own path with the paths of my readers? Must I start a new site and create a whole new following?

It has kind of left me in a stuck place and I am frustrated by that.

I am posting this here, on Steemit, because I haven’t written much yet and I haven’t really got a “brand”. I’m not sure what all this is about yet, either, but the friend that got me started on it said that I could post on a lot of different topics and it is no big deal.

No brand diluting here.

Today is a post about Facebook and my healing/energy/empath website and tomorrow is going to be about coding. And the next day about making movies. It’s all ok?

And also, I am realizing that if Facebook deletes or blocks half of my reality/existence online, I feel it as a part of me being lost. And certainly experiencing it as part of my contacts and influence being lost.

What if they had taken down both profiles? In a way, I sort of cease to exist in the reality of the Internet.

So maybe it’s time I diversify my social media presence even more. Maybe it is time I explore Steemit for the possibilities of finding a place to be whole on the Internet, while also offering readers the bits of my writing/videos/content that they are specifically interested in.

I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this situation/dilemma.

[And, indigos, here is a link to my Steemit profile, though I must warn you that there is a strong possibility I might be posting about filmmaking or growing sprouts or travel or whatever suits my fancy]

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


PS: I’m still figuring out what Steemit is and how it is going to fit into my life, but it incorporates blockchain cryptocurrency which I feel is inspiring me to learn the technology, so I decided to create a profile.

5 thoughts on “Losing More Than My Facebook Profile”

  1. Leslie,
    I know nothing about steemit and I have successfully avoided having a Facebook account.
    I am a 37 year old Indigo, currently attempting to build a community.
    I’d love to talk with you!

    1. That’s great!

      Great about not joining Facebook and great about starting a community.

      It’s funny, one of the most frequent quesitons is how to connect with other indigos. I usually tell people to start a meetup related to what interests them the most or what is most significant to them about being indigo. For example, for me it would be having a strong connection to the energetic reality of life and to focus on cultivating a healthy planet that works for all beings… especially in the environmental sense. I keep moving where I live so I have not started a community. This online community (connected to this website and the Facebook group associated with it) has been my community. I created the Facebook group with the hope that others would use it to have more connections to each other. That doesn’t seem to be happening as much as I would like. The discussion seem to stay about what I post, so I am starting to look at other possibilities, like a forum or doing live broadcasts about topics (like starting communities).

      So yes, let’s get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page. Right now I am on the East Coast.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  2. Hilarious!!
    Is “Indigo” what champagne socialists call themselves now?!
    You all sound like self validating perpetual boiler princesses and spoiled old princes.
    “Oh the indignities suffered at the hands of facebook..How dare they!”

    Bet this one doesn’t get posted.. eh leslie?!

    1. Actually, sometimes it takes me a while to respond and you are the first person that has been bothered by this over the 8 years I have kept this blog.

      It especially takes me a while if I put consideration and thought into a response and if a comment makes me think, as your first comment did.

      But your subsequent comments diminished the relevance and respect I had for the first comment so I’m just going to say that when I get trolled now I see it as an immense compliament.

      That one would take the time to comment four times on three different days… My writing must have had a great impact on you.

      My intention is to have a positive impact on my readers, but I have no control over how others react, despite my good intentions.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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