Late Indigo Adults Posting – Computer Repellent!

Hi and sorry I’ve been a bit late posting this week.

I have found sitting down to the computer is very uncomfortable lately.

It’s not that I’m physically uncomfortable at the computer; just that I have been more drawn to being active in the physical plane.

I’m not doing aerobics or anything, but active in the same way that reading a physical book is a tactile experience that is different than reading on a tablet or computer.

I went to TWO health/new-age/alternative fairs this past weekend and it felt really great to go out and meet people. I have been making a deliberate effort to leave my “cave” and do a little something nice for myself each day and the effects have been very good.

I have also been using the tools that are taught on the Access Awareness videos I have found on YouTube and, to my surprise, they seem to be shifting things for me… Gently, simply and powerfully.

Here’s another great video, that I have listened to a few times before going to sleep. It is LOOOONG so make sure you have enough time, but it is worth clearing your schedule because is is chock full of great tools and information.

Are you asking the questions and using the tools? I would love to read other indigo adults‘ results with this material. Please comment below!

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