Is it OK to clear other people’s energy fields?

Indigo_Adult_energy-clearing-therapiesNow that I live in a city, the question of whether it is ok to clear other people’s energy comes up for me a lot.

A big city like Chicago is energetic soup, and if someone on the bus is clearly having a bad day, I can see the heavy energy and how it is impacting me and the other people around that person.

I want to help. Part of the reason is because I think that it helps the collective, but also because when I feel it viscerally as an empath, all I want to do is make it stop.

And while shielding and bubbling is often all I need, I find that when it doesn’t, it’s time to go and help other people release what they are carrying.

However, there is a way to do this that stays in line with allowing for other people’s free will. We can’t just go, “this is the way you need to be and I know you want love and light more than sadness and anger”. That might be true, but that also might be exactly what the person needs to experience at the moment for their soul’s evolution and well-being, which sounds counter-intuitive, but really isn’t when you think about it on more than a cursory level.

For example, the sadness one experiences after a bad break-up is sometimes necessary to process the change in one’s life.

Either way, I wouldn’t want someone tweaking my field unless it was for my greatest good and well-being.

Therefore, before I start working with someone’s field, I mentally say something like this, “I am observing that you are not feeling well and I would like to help because it is effecting me, as an empath. My intention is to clear anything that is no longer serving your greatest good and to neutralize that energy so that it may be used for positive purposes. It is also my intention to clear any energy of yours that is effecting me, either to send it back to you or if it doesn’t not serve your highest good, to neutralize it and send it back out to the universe so that it may be used for positive and loving purposes.”

Sometimes I ask if that is ok (mentally) and if my instinct says it’s ok then I do it. Very rarely have I asked another person’s higher self if I can clear something and they say no. But it has happened.

Most of the time, just by setting the intention above I get enough of a positive response from the individual that is it a loud and resounding, “YES PLEASE DO!”

And then we all feel better.

Which is why I do this. Energetic soup means that we are all affecting each other. If the person next to me on the bus was not affecting me, then that would be fine. But I am highly empathic, and I believe that most people are at least a little empathic, so if this one person is weighing down the group, I do not feel it is a violation to clear their field as long as I set the intention that I do not wish to violate their free will.

But the truth is that most people want to feel better and usually there is something going on in their field or mentally that is blocking that feel good energy. So if I can help with that, then I am happy to be of service in that capacity.

I was given this awareness… this gift. So were many of you. Sometimes it is cumbersome to carry, but sometimes I can help in ways that most people don’t even notice.

I guess what I’m saying is that my theory has come to be “If I’ve got it, I should use it. Especially if it helps people.”

At the moment, I’m thinking about a particularly cantankerous family member that brings down the energy of family gatherings. I have very little effect on his field, but by repetitively clearing the other family members, I can create a happy gathering experience for everyone, including the grouchy one. When I don’t do this, his sway tends to create fighting and anger within the group.

I would love to hear other indigo adult thoughts on the matter.

Is it OK to clear other people’s energy without verbally asking (outloud)? And if so, or if not, under what circumstances?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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