Indigo Mission Becoming Clearer

For those of you that were around in 2012, you may remember that that year was the year the world was supposed to “end”, due to the Mayan calendar ending.

I wrote that it was less going to end in a big-bang sort of moment but rather it was the beginning of a big shift, and whether humanity was going to pass through tghat shift in a healthy, feel-good way or an unhealthy destructive way and what our final landing/desitnation would be on our world (or maybe even our universe) would be determined by our energetic input over the next several years.

Becausd that is how manifestation works on an individual level.

We vision.

We feel the vision.

It manifests.

As a collective consciousness on this planet, the phenomena is the same.

And unfortunately, there has been a lot of out of alignment thinking by a large body of the population.

There are the fear-mongers and those that fear.

And I will even say that they had me for a little bit at the beginning of 2020.

So I do not blame those that are still susceptible, or continue to live in that fear.

It was a very deliberate choice by the fear-mongers (whom I will call the evil-doers from now on, even though I know that there is a lot of grey in such a topic, it is not one or the other, but that is the topic for another post) to instill this fear in others.

Add on to that a general anxiety and disconnection to the natural world that I feel is really at the heart of all of this destruction, and we have a bit of an energetic mess on our hands.

The way I see the world is that there is where we stand, where we land and the S**T in between that we have to get through to end up where we land.

The fear that the general population feels is manifesting some pretty messy landings.

To clarify that statement, let’s say that the “evil-doers'” (those that wish to control and enslave) plans burn out by 2040, and that that is inevitable. We can arrive at that healthier space on this planet and the universe in a way that is gentle or we can arrive at that place im na way that involves experiencing a lot of strive on a global and universal level.

I have always chosen gentle, yet powerful, healing. That will always be my preference.

How do we get to that collectively?

By focusing on that 2040 landing point and feeling the good feelings that come with a life that is just and joyful and peaceful and abundant and free for all beings in the universe. That is life affirming and feels good.

And let that future pour into your heart and soul so that you feel that vibration NOW.

The Journey Equals the Destination

It must be remembered that how one experiences the journey is how one will experience the final destination.

So the fear that some collectives are feeling right now will reflect in their future manifestations.

Again, I do not blame them. I do not blame the people trying to inform us of all the dangers that we are currently confronted with. And I do not blame those that engage in that material.

I engage in that material (the “news” as some call it). It is important to stay informed. But I have to make sure I step away from it when it starts to consume me.

And that is important for you, too, indigo.

The responsibility that we have as people that want to see a better future for the planet, nature and all of her inhabitants is to envision that world.

Simple as that, right.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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