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There have been some developments in my personal consciousness that have very much helped me steady my own rocking boat. I’d like to share these tools with you because I think that they would be useful to other indigo adults.

The first, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is writing my goals and intentions on a daily basis.

The most significant and wonderful thing I gained out of being in the ups and downs of Sedona for a year was that I became much more rooted in myself and clear about who I am and what I want.

If you are not at that point, that is ok. Here is the next tool…

I became interested in Rama’s work at about a year ago, but I was hesitant to write about it because I ambivalent about his work. I wasn’t fully resonating with his teachings at the time and it seemed… well.. odd to me.

But lately I have been more and more drawn to his work.

He is very much focused on meditating on the body which has been very effective for me right now.

He has one recording about healing the planet through strengthening the first three chakras and the corresponding points in the body.

The amazing thing about this meditation is that it is getting me back in my body, and I am less affected by others projections and influences. It is also making me an even better manifestor than I already was (and I was already pretty darn good).

He has tons of information on his website and it is well worth checking out and joining his mailing list.

The last tool is a pendant called a Rejuvenizer that I ordered from a website called

I know, I know… You’ve heard about them EMF blockers a million times and are not impressed with the Multi-Level-Marketing B.S.

Well, first of all, I gain nothing by posting this (same thing with Rama’s website).

I have been wearing this pendant for about three weeks and I ordered it because I am now living in a big city and I go to school for visual effects, which means that my entire life is centered around computers.

I didn’t feel much when I first put it on, but yesterday my dog had drippy eye, which he gets every few months for about two weeks. It clearly irritates him.

I placed my Rejuvenizer on him for an hour and two things happened. His eye cleared up that day.

However, I noticed how energetically vulnerable I am without it. While I had it off, I could feel this shield dissipating… especially from my upper energetic field.

After an hour I put it back on and felt much better. I did another hour of the Rejuvenizer on the dog and his eyes have been clear ever since.

I believe the most significant changes the Rejuvenizer has made to my field is that it has grounded me and cleared many levels of my being. Sometimes I am conscious of the clearing because I feel short twinges of random emotional discomforts or I’ll be doing something like washing the dishes and will get very random memories from childhood running through my head.


1. Rejuvenizer – for clearing and grounding self
2. Rama’s Meditations – for clearing and grounding self and planet
3. writing daily goals – for directing your energy now that you are rooted on the ground and staying connected to your higher self.

Any indigo adults have tools they enjoy working with? Please share your discoveries because by doing so you may help other indigo adults and empaths… (please no sales pitches, though)

5 thoughts on “Indigo Adults – You Have a Homework Assignment / Useful Links”

  1. Hi there!
    I would like to know if you had any information about the latest solar flares and indigo. I searched the net and found nothing related, but i was always very tired in that week and after i knew about it, i felt that had something to do whith it. I even didn’t had energy to meditate, ’cause i felt bad when i started doing it. Did anyone else felt this way? From the beggining i felt that there was something going on very strong.

    1. I think that it is not wise to do affirmation work when one is not feeling good, but meditation IS good, even when one is not feeling well. Meditation is a good way to restore the alignment with higher self and that alignment is accessible to most people, even when they are in the lowest of vibrations.

      A thought crossed my mind about the last couple weeks as I was reading your post. The collective (at least here in the US) was focused on the very sad events of 911 and that you might have been tuning into that collective over the last couple weeks. I was on the East Coast until September 8 and I definitely felt the collective, to the point where I just started bawling while making breakfast, but then it eased up as I got further away from New York. There are still a lot of scars on the land and on the people of that city.

      There will be a post about this coming up…

      In the meantime, though, my next post will be on solar flares and I think you will find it interesting. You were right to notice that there was a lot of solar flare activity over the last week and that also might have been causing discomfort.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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  3. i love this post. is your dog still ok? have you had to use the pendant again? my cat has the same problem and i’m thinking of buying it to help him. we’re thinking his leaky eye is from allergies since he gets it seasonally and then it goes away after awhile. but i dont like seeing him so pitiful. although i must admit i am skeptical about these kinds of things but hey if it’ll help…and if nothing else then i have a pretty necklace! 🙂

    1. Actually, if you were going to get a Revitalizer just for this reason, there is one that you can get specifically for your pet.

      You can go to this page to see the different types of pendants, including a Pet Revitalizer:

      There are also drops or supplements that are supposed to work. I don’t know much about them, but I didn’t get those because I would have had to run all the way to Petsmart or wait for something to ship, and since I had the pendant right there I decided to give it a shot.

      I did have to do it about 3 separate times, but it hasn’t come back, and it did go away pretty fast after I put the pendant on.

      But I WOULD get this pendant for yourself if your intuition is telling you think you’d enjoy it and it would help. I haven’t taken it off since I’ve gotten it except to put it on my dog, and I think it’s helping me a lot. I still feel everything in the way I normally do as an empath, but it’s not as strong and i can recognize it as coming from somewhere or someone else more readily. I also feel more emotionally balanced.

      if I were you, I would call up Light Healing and talk to them. They were really nice and they didn’t feel corporate or anything like that. I spoke with a woman named Angel (go figure) on two separate occasions. And what really got me to try it out was that I had 60 days to return it. I LOVE trying stuff out like this, and I do return things that don’t work for me. This one is a keeper and I’m going to get one for my pet and another for my living space very soon.

      Oh, and I just did a search for pet eye drops. I don’t know if this will help your cat, but here’s the link:

      Hope your cat feels better!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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