Indigo Adults: Do you know whether it’s the weather?

Happy Leap Year, Indigo Adults!

I am enjoying the beautiful weather in FEBRUARY in Chicago and I must say that it is not just me enjoying this lovely day!

57 degrees in February has made me realize that the collective is very reactive to the weather and that if you are an indigo adult that is empathic, you definitely will feel that.

After moving from the southwest, I realized this fall that I would have to be hyper-vigilant about my supplementation in order to make up for the sunshine I would be missing living in Chicago.

I have done an excellent job, I must say (high quality cod liver oil is excellent for this purpose), and my mood and energy have been consistently high throughout the winter.

However, I find that it feels like I am pushed even higher on days when the weather is great.

And when I say great, I mean warm and dry.

We have been having days that are sunny but cold, and I have deliberately made a point to go out for an hour or so to soak up the rays, so I do not believe it is the change in sun light exposure.

I believe that it is the collective reacting to the warm and dry weather and feeling good about that.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the collective made a conscious effort to always feel that good, despite what the weather may look like outside?

Any other indigo adults feeling the weather shift the collective mood?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Indigo Adults: Do you know whether it’s the weather?”

  1. Yes, Weather is really one of the best important things in our lives. But, i believe that it’s just one of our habits. I have an experience about it. I love moon and moon-light very very much. I realized that Whenever I look at the window I see the moon While I was working on my computer. Sometimes curtains closed and I cannot see it.

    One nigth I wonder that was that night full moon or first moon and I opened online moon calendar and saw that the moon is not visible in my area on that night. I check the window and realized that, the moon I saw on my window is just a reflection of one of the garden lights.

    I get used to live with that new thought, one week later 🙂

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