Indigo Adults, Weight Loss and Emotional “Bubbles” Stored in Flesh

In my last post I mentioned that my 2nd chakra was incredibly irritated during the holidays…

What’s weird is that my 2nd and 3rd chakra were very irritated the entire time I was out of town.  I felt it so bad in my 2nd chakra that I actually started to get rashes and bleed in that area… right in the center of my belly.

I was shielding but I wasn’t able to stop this from happening.

My theory, which may or may not be true, is that I have a tenancy to eat emotionally, to stay grounded, to “hide” and to match the vibrations of those around me when they are heavier than I am.

All of this was very plausible during the holiday season, as I was with my family and they don’t get the indigo adult thing.

They don’t pay attention to the energetic world… they are about as Muggle as you can get (or even as Uncle Vernon as you can get.)

I don’t express myself. I hide when my ways and beliefs are demonized by my family. And don’t even get me started on Christmas actually being an adulterated version of the Pagan holiday, Yule.

But enough of my soapbox.

All of this causes me to take shelter with food. Usually subconsciously, but lately I’ve become keenly aware of this behavior.

As I mentioned in my series on substances, I am ok with short term “feel better” solutions as long as the behaviors and effects can be released when one gets centered again.

I’m back to consuming healthy and normal amounts of food, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I have come to realize that that uncomfortable emotional energy that I blocked with food during the holidays is being carried on my body in the form of fat.

Actually, it is fortunate that I have realized this.  I am deliberately dropping weight now.  It’s coming off very easily.  But here is something I have noticed… I will have moments of irrational emotionality.  It is not from feeling something outside of myself emathically as much as a “bubble” of emotion that was held in my body with the fat is being released.

It usually takes me very much by surprise.  I’m just driving, la-tee-dah, having a great day, and then I just burst into tears. Hysterically.

It’s so weird, especially when I’m around other people.

But it also feels extremely cathartic.  So good afterward.

So if you are not feeling back to your “normal” centered indigo adult self, you might want to check the scale to see if you are carrying around any baggage from the holidays in the form of… well, extra baggage on your body.

You might want to consider doing a detox or gently losing some weight if your instinct tells you to.

As a side note, I use sub-lingual HCG to drop weight. I find that my body loves to lose this way and it seems to be the  easiest for me to do. I get my HCG from Body Solutions RX.  Their customer service and instructions leave something to be desired, but their sub-lingual HCG works.  Be sure to research how to properly use HCG before doing it.  Look for Dr. Simeon’s workbook which is online for free.  And I’m not a doctor and am not encouraging you to do this… I’m just saying what works for me.

But because weightloss with HCG happens so fast, I can clearly feel when a stored emotional “bubble” is being released.

What has also been interesting to observe is that when I am in the midst of fast weightloss, I sometimes reach for something else to ease the pain. I tend to reach for a cigarette or two during the process, and then quit immediately after I have competed the round of HCG.

The way I see it energetically is that I am moving the energy (those stored energy bubbles) from my lower chakras (1st, 2nd and 3rd… where most of my fat is stored) to my upper chakras (4th and 5th) where my lungs and throat are, and where the cigarettes affect me the most.

Not the healthiest way to deal with these “bubbles” but the nice thing for me is that I find it easy release the 4th and 5th chakra emotional crap easier than releasing the lower chakras.

I also find that the hardest week with these emotional “bubbles” comes the week before I start. Like my body knows it will be releasing the physical baggage so it anticipates the process by releasing the emotional stuff first.

Any indigo adults, empaths or other psychic minds experience anything similar? How do you deal with it?


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