Indigo Adults: We Don’t Need No Education

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave them kids alone
All in all your just another brick in the wall

– Pink Floyd, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II”

This is less a post offering advice than a post about my recent academic experiences, looking at them from an energetic, indigo adult perspective.

I already posted about how I feel it is a shame that the current M.O. of education, at least here in the U.S., is to create a box and then reward students for thinking inside that box.

And to punish those who think outside that box… regardless of whether that outside-the-box thought is genius.

I’m not calling myself a genius, but I have come to realize, returning to college in my 30s, that much of the discomfort I experienced as a child had to do with an education system that not only punished me for my genius thoughts, but that also had me so jacked up on an empathic level that it was no wonder I could barely function as a child.

See, when emapaths are in a normal education system, like the one I am in right now, if the empath’s/indigo adult’s classmates are like, “Fuck this class.” the empath picks up on that and takes it on, regardless of whether or not they feel that way.

Additionally, if the professor is like, “Fuck this class” or “Fuck these students” the empath also picks up on that and feels it on a very visceral level. Almost as if the teacher is mentally saying “Fuck YOU, empath”, which to an empath definitely sounds like that, even if it is a sentiment generally directed to the class.

Finally, it became crystal clear that as an indigo adult, my job on this planet is to raise the vibration wherever I am. What this means in a school setting like college, is that I often inadvertently carry the heavy energy of those around me, which, despite all of my energetic clearing, still left me to be an emotional wreck most of the semester.

And it had nothing to do with what was going on in my life (well, maybe a little. That will be my next post).

So while I do the best to advise you in how to maintain balance in a world that doesn’t acknowledge the invisible energetic world, I am still, sometimes, knocked on my ass, too (my energetic ass). 🙂

If there is an upside to all that I experienced this semester, it is very much related to having more compassion to my childhood academic experiences.

For example, in 3rd grade I wasn’t talking to the tree outside the girls bathroom for no reason, I was talking to it and connecting with its energy because it was the best feeling thing around. And it didn’t talk down to me in the way the teachers did (and still do at college, even at my ripe age of thirty-whatever).

How wonderful could this world be in educational institutions were innovative and acknowledged that how a person feels about who they are and what they are doing has a lot to do with how they perform.

This is no longer the industrial age and we are not machines.

The really strange thing has been that I am more of a free thinking individual than most of my teen/20-something classmates. Because thinking has been socialized out of them.

I thought that one’s thinking automatically became more calcified as one got older, but it really has a lot to do with the individual and the environment the individual is exposed to.

This experience has also made me question whether there actually is an indigo revolution happening. If there were indigos around me, it was hard to tell because my classmates are so programmed to stay in line with everyone else. But then again, the traditional description of an indigo is that they can’t stay in line with everyone else, especially if they deem what is around them to be false or out of alignment with themselves or the greater good.

So what gives?

Maybe it’s the self-consciousness of youth that eventually gets shaken off by the time one reaches 30. But again… Indigos aren’t supposed to feel that stuff, or if they do, they still end up doing their own thing. So again, what gives?

BTW, today was the last day of classes and I feel infinitely better. Not because I have less to do, but because I’m not carrying anything energetically that isn’t mine. Feels good.

Are you indigo adult that has had similar scholastic experiences? Or have yours been completely different? Please leave your comments below. I would love to read your experiences…

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults: We Don’t Need No Education”

  1. I’m an indigo in my late twenties, finishing up my senior year. Honestly, I think I’ve become less of a free thinker/spirit and much more insecure than when I started school. Part of this is related to recent changes in my health and the effect this has had on my grades. I’ve become self-conscious about sharing my opinion, worried that I will say the wrong thing and sound stupid.

    I write papers, but feel restricted in how creative I can be with my ideas. EVERYTHING must be backed up with evidence and other people’s opinions. So my argument only holds weight if Dr. Prestigious from Harvard supports it. Also, I’ve become more concerned about my grade than how much my work reflects my true thoughts and feelings. I just want to graduate.

    So yes, I definitely understand your frustration. In my experience, Indigos can be VERY insecure and quiet, even though we’re supposedly supposed to have an unshakable confidence. I would never conform and compromise my authenticity, but I am also sensitive, so grades and pressure from my teachers or classmates have started to drag me down.

    With those Indigos that despised high school and rocked the boat, chances are slim they would be willing to subject themselves to college and everything that entails. I can’t blame them.

    I’ve seen more Indigos this year at my university more than any other…I spot them in the library and sometimes in my classes. I think many of them haven’t “blossomed” yet, or come into their full power. I think the term “brilliant slackers” is an apt description of us, so they’re probably just coasting along and trying to figure out who they are.

    I went down a similar path as you did, going to massage school and involving myself with the healing arts before pursuing a higher education. Maybe we’re just more sensitive than these younger Indigos. Not all Indigos have tapped into the gift of empathy.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      I left my old school last year (the one I was attending when I wrote that post) to be part of a much more free-thinking educational experience this school year. It’s very hands on (as opposed to listening to a lot of theory) and can be personalized and integrated with my own passions and interests. I am learning A LOT more than I did last year and I feel a lot better.

      I think you’ll feel better and less self conscious once you are out of school. It’s probably the collective that you are part of right now.

      Let me know how things go after you graduate. And Congratulations on your degree!

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