Indigo Adults visit for a Weekend

A few friends (indigo adults) came to visit me here in Flagstaff this weekend and we went to Sedona.

A few days later one of them wrote to me and mentioned that she felt a bit weird before and after the visit, and felt sort of down was here.  I thought it would be interesting to post my response.

…You didn’t seem down. Funny, I started to notice the “stuff” I was carrying related to my own lineage when i first moved here (rather than my Leslie “stuff”).

The vibe in Sedona/Flagstaff is strange and I am not phased by its affect on me or others too much anymore.

This was my experience/philosophy when switching back and forth between Sedona/Flag and Las Vegas:
There’s a lot of BS floating around the general atmosphere of Vegas that I was not able to detect when I lived there.

But because Sedona opened me up so much psychically, I would return to Vegas really open for the first few days and I would pick up on some really jacked stuff. Additionally, a few days before heading to Sedona, I would also start to open up.

I would notice I’d be in greater flow and exuberantly happy (I am always pretty happy, but it would be super extreme a few days before heading to Sedona.)

All this would happen when I was going L.A. to Sedona, too.

Even here in Flag, I know when I’m headed down to Sedona b/c the day before I go my world just feels different… super cheerful and in flow.

And then arriving back in Flag I sometimes feel a bit bumped around and sometimes a little more pissy than usual.

The nice thing is that if you want to connect with the Sedona vibe, you just need to think specifically about a place in Sedona that you can visualize clearly. I know that sounds wacky, but that should help you connect to the Sedona flow again. Well, it help me, I don’t know if that’s just something weird that I do.

I know I’ve written a lot about this lately but I’ve developed a strong fascination about how locations and the collective consciousness of the location affects individuals living in the location and passing through the location.

Did you know that in Phoenix 85%-90% of foreclosed home that sell for less than $200,000 are “stripped”… meaning that the permanent fixtures (copper piping, counter tops, ceiling fans, etc) are removed by the foreclosed owners?

I mention this because that doesn’t happen here. I asked a police officer and two realtors today (I was doing a report) and they said it just doesn’t happen in Flagstaff.

Hmmmm… Collective consciousness?  The happy “Vibe” of Sedona affecting Flagstaff?  Happy city? Less dense population?

I’d say it’s all of that.

Anyway, time for bed.  Thanks for reading, Indigo Adults and friends of…


Indigo Leslie

PS: As always, kind word and thoughts always appreciated…

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