indigo adults say no to facebook

Indigo Adults: Untangling From Facebook Energetically

indigo adults say no to facebook

I have already posted on how indigo adults that are sensitive to energy can feel the ebb and flow thoughts and emotion on social websites like Facebook.

I’d like to take another look at Facebook from the perspective of looking at an individual (indigo adult or not) as a whole energetic being with social attachments and how those attachments are funneled through Facebook (and their messed up Terms) before reaching physical reality.

This week I was on a stock photography website describing the far-reaching Terms Of Service that Facebook wants to implement in the upcoming months.

You can read that post HERE.

This was the first time that I have read a thorough and clear explanation regarding the implications to agreeing to the new Facebook TOS.

It gave me pause and made me seriously consider deleting my account.

I feel strongly that it is time to pull myself off of this social media sight.

But then I really got into it and noticed how entwined I am in Facebook’s tight grasp.

Not only am I connected to most of the friends that I have met in the last seven years (having lived in over 7 cities during that time), but I also use it to sign in to related sites, like Yelp and Pinterest.

This website even as a Facebook page!

Additionally, other people just assume you will be on Facebook. Facebook is the main way to invite people to a party these days, and the way people share the photos afterward. (Photos to which you will no longer own the exclusive rights if Facebook gets its way.)

Ironically, this did not dissuade me until I thought to myself, “How will I let people know I am getting off Facebook. Well, I’ll have to post it on Facebook.”


Still, as I started to dissect how my life (and most of the computer using beings on this planet) have blindly fallen into a cyber relationship with a company that has little regard for individuals as a being with right, privacy and identity.

Just by pondering this, I felt the tight grip of Facebook around my cyber-throat loosening a little. I felt little energetic strings connecting me to Facebook snapping away from me. That’s how it felt, at least.

But maybe pondering my exit strategy was starting to disconnect me from my social life. In 2014, is participating in Facebook an inevitable choice to a social being under 40 years old?

I’m writing this because I am at a point in my life where, sadly, most of my communication with friends is through the Internet. I am grateful for the communication with people on the other side of the planet and getting in touch with old friends, but as Facebook has increased its roll in my life, the roll of my real-life-living-breathing-friends sitting in front of me and chatting as we sip tea has severely diminished.

This makes me sad, so I am devising a plan to minimize my use of Facebook.

I might not ever be able to leave completely, but I am setting the intention to experience my social life more in the physical world.

The night I read the article, I had a momentary desire to completely and immediately bail from Facebook and delete my profile.

It felt like the equivalent to committing suicide in the physical realm. In a way, I would lose my identity. My presence online would flat-line.

But then I started looking over pictures from the last 7 years and it reminded me that my memories are always accessible on the web through Facebook. I always have touchstones (that soon belong to Facebook) of these happy times.

I can’t haphazardly destroy my profile. That would be reckless and dishonoring to the positive aspects Facebook has provided for me in the last seven years.

So here’s the strategic plan to removing myself (and getting my energy back) from Facebook:

PHASE 1: Halting Current Growth
Stop using Facebook to connect with new people. That’s what a telephone is for (even if I’m primarily texting).
Stop Posting Pictures. I like my image and would prefer not to be used to sell/endorse some random product that I will probably hate at Facebook’s whim. The implications are even bigger for those of us who act, because commercials and print media do not want any conflicts of interest (competing companies using my image).
Stop Using Facebook to be the Sign In when starting with new websites.

PHASE 2: Gather What I Have
Download the pictures I have posted or especially what other people have posted.
Print or Download list of Friends. Go to each person’s about page that are REALLY friends and that I want to stay in touch with. Gather their contact information (phone, snail mail address, etc)

PHASE 3: Remove What I Can
Disconnect Facebook from the outside websites that recognize me through Facebook.
Remove Facebook from my phone/tablet, and from reaching into my contacts on my phone/tablet.
Delete whatever pictures I can bare to remove (Eek!)
Delete as many comments, likes, etc as I can. (Not that important to me, but going to give it a shot).

PHASE 4: Inform those I care about
Let the people I know and actually am friends with that I am leaving Facebook. Ideally NOT through Facebook. Let them know how they can reach me in the future. (Google+ and other social networks is just a lesser evil. I am going to do my best to *GASP* use the phone!!!)

PHASE 5: Unplug

DELETE DELETE DELETE myself from Facebook. Cease to exist in the contrived social conventions of modern society.

Again, I’m not sure I’ll make it as far as clicking delete and ending the whole thing, but if I do, this is how I am going to get there.

This plan excites me and scares me at the same time.

I feel that it will help to ground me and get me more back into my body. Plus, all that gossipy crap on FB can be really tough on an empath. I have stopped posting a lot of the happy events in my life because I can feel this jealous energetic backlash when I do. It’s gross. And that thought energy has the potential to mess up the happy-happy-joy-joy I am posting about. Grr.

I would love to hear other indigo adults thoughts on Facebook and any energetic reactions/observations they have had regarding Facebook.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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