Indigo Adults: The Double Edged Sword of Knowing

10-06-11 Portland, OR - 2


One are the Petunias I have mentioned frequently, who are drawn to the abilities of the indigo adults and children, and the other are the Uncle Vernons that hold strong distain for all things indigo.

There are many reasons why Uncle Vernons feel this way and I know one of the main ones because occasionally I feel it myself.

If you are in a environment that provides constant contact with intuitives, psychics, empaths, etc, you sometimes come across individuals with different skills than your own, or with those that are more developed than your own.

I can remember my first experience in a new age shop.  This was when I was 16 and long before I even knew what an empath was.

I remember walking in the store and feeling as though I was being watched. But not just watched… read.  I didn’t know how to pinpoint what it felt like, and at the time I didn’t think I was particularly psychic, so I thought I was going a bit nuts, but in retrospect, I probably was being “read”.

Since then, I have had many experiences with psychics… true psychics… that can see all of my “stuff” with me just standing there.

And I always feel very vulnerable when I am around people with this ability.  I feel energetically naked and I do my best to shield but I can’t say that I’m particularly successful, usually because by the time I think strengthen my shield, the energetic exchange of information has already taken place.

I get “reads” on people, but for me it’s not usually as blatant… It either comes across as a physical sensation or a strong shift in emotion or intention, but is rarely a fact or image running in my head about the person before me.

That being said, this is still more access to the etherial than most Muggles have.  And I imagine that because they have not had the experience of accidentally picking up on information on a psychic or empathic level, the awareness that someone they are with can do that leaves them feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable around that person.

The upside is that a majority of the people that I have met that get this intuitive information very clearly usually have the spiritual/social awareness of what to do with the information once they get it (which is usually nothing).

Like, I don’t feel judged when someone gets a read on me.  It’s just information.  And it is that non-judgmental attitude that comforts me.

And I say it is a “double edged” ability because often the knowledge that the intuitive, empath, psychic or indigo adult has is very profound and would be helpful to the evolution of the soul of the individual being read, but the act of revealing this information could also jolt the individual into a healing crisis.

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