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Indigo Adults are Special Snowflakes (and so is everyone else)

pablo (2)Wait!

Before someone who does NOT consider themselves an indigo adult starts throwing things at their computer screen…

I am being facetious (playful).

I felt compelled to write this post because lately I have been reading a lot of comments on YouTube videos lately about indigo adults and indigo children.

Really, ANY post about indigos is usually followed by a number of comments by people verbally rolling their eyes at the concept of being indigo.

And I can understand why they feel like indigos think they are sooooooo special.

If you read indigo blogs and watch videos about indigos, we are always being told we are the new and special people. We are talking about changing the world and about our abilities.

It can give the impression that indigos look down at those that do not consider themselves to be part of this group.

I would like to address this misconception.

I cannot speak for other websites, but I can say that this website was born out of my experience of having very weird experiences happen to me throughout my childhood and especially in my teenage years and being told that (1) it was in my head, (2) I was crazy, and/or (3) I was bad (even though I couldn’t control it).

Without anyone else to relate to, I had to hide who I was. I didn’t choose to have the awarenesses that I had, and I was being told I was horrible for having those awarenesses and abilities.

Of course, I couldn’t hide my abilities when I wasn’t accidentally causing the lights to blackout in the entire building because I was really mad from having an argument with someone, or when something else weird like happened (which was usually on a regular basis. Not so much now because I can understand and control my abilities better).

And this isolation and lack of understanding from those around me led me to a very dark place emotionally. And my lack of understanding and control of my abilities led me to be very destructive with them accidentally.

So I felt that a blog like this was necessary to support the abilities and growth of other indigos, as well as to realize that they ARE special and their abilities are special.

But that doesn’t diminish how special other people are that are not indigos.

Yes, I do feel that the indigos are here and growing in numbers because they are here to usher in a new phase on the planet that is based on the wellness of all beings and the planet and a focus on balance.

Their abilities are necessary for this shift. Their empathic abilities open up non-empaths to being empathic when indigos focus on them together as a group. (like when an indigo collective focuses on the collective of a state during a presidential primary)

The impact of this as an earth collective consciousness and even on individual groups within the collective conscious is tremendous and we are already seeing it on the planet.

But on our path back to Eden, will we not need accountants to balance the currently out-of-control budgets of people and governments throughout the planet (not that accountants cannot be indigo, but I am trying to pick something grounded like accounting to contrast the stereotypical indigo characteristics)?

We need EVERY snowflake in order to have a fun day of sledding!

Therefore, every snowflake is special.

But the indigo websites and videos that pop up are there because indigos (especially the older ones) have been told that who they are and what they can do is not only not special, but very disruptive.

And I believe that is why the indigo and websites directed at indigo adults and indigo children are emphasizing their specialness. Because unless an indigo grows up with very evolved parents and in a very evolved culture, acknowledgement of their special snowflake abilities and presence is a long time in coming, if it ever comes.

But always remember that all snowflakes play an important part in the snowstorm.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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