Indigo adults: Secrecy and Manifestation

I picture a new idea as a soap bubble, floating in the air.

Energetically, it’s fragile and able to be taken by a gust of wind or some other gentle shift in the environment.

In order to preserve an idea, energetically, it is important to protect its energetic environment.

And the way that can be done is to keep it to oneself until it has grown strong enough that mild fluctuations in the environment will not effect its stability.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that a new thought has an energy of it’s own, but it must be protected.

If the idea is shared with those that do not support the idea or that do not believe it can be pulled off (like a plan or decision) their thought energy will then be part of the energy of the idea.

But unfortunately, it will be the part that can make it go awry.

For example, let’s say you are going to write a book. That idea is whole and complete and intact. You are inspired.

Then you go and tell John Doe that you are going to write a book. It is possible then for John to pull you off course by a single comment, or even to support you face to face and then mentally hope that you will fail or think that you will fail.

John’s ability to do this is tenfold if you are empathic or psychic, as many indigo adults are, and are not able to filter out others or distinguish between what “stuff” is yours and what “stuff” belongs to other people.

I’m writing this at a time in my life where there are many projects going on. Some are still in their fledgling stages… some are further along.

And a few have been derailed because it was too tempting to me to spread the word about what I am up to because I am excited about it.

And in this modern age, things like facebook and twitter make it so easy to shout your plans and ideas from the rooftops prematurely.

In my case, I did so, and I started to feel a shift in the way I felt about the idea.

I felt insecure and like I wasn’t that into it anymore.

And then I realized that I had just posted something about it on a social networking site and that that was swaying my attitude about my idea.

Knowing this, I have cleared energy of others around the idea (you can clear anything energetically) and since then I have been back on track.

As I have gotten older, I have also learned to dig in deep and push myself beyond what I am hearing in the ether.

The one upside to sharing ideas is when it is truly with a helpful and supportive person. But sometimes you never know. (see my next post)

5 thoughts on “Indigo adults: Secrecy and Manifestation”

  1. Thank you for this post. I want to be a writer, but most of my projects fall flat before they have a chance to take off. Now I wonder if a lot of my insecurities are caused by thoughts that are not my own.

    I love your blog. 🙂 I’m also an indigo adult, so it’s nice to hear from others that have reached a good place and learned how to properly utilize and control their gifts. It gives me confidence and hope that many of us will be successful in this muggle world!

    I love your writing style, btw. Clean and clear, didactic and fun to read. Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer? 🙂 Ok, take care!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

      My advice for an aspiring writer is to just keep writing. The only person who can say you’re not a writer is YOU, and the only time you would say it is when you are not writing.

      And the nice thing about writing is that you can do it anywhere. Just bring a writing book and pen with you everywhere. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was ten and when I hit my 20’s a read a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It was EXTREMELY influential on me for helping me to own my identification as an artist (I also play music, make movies, etc) and one of the exercises in the book encourages writing long-hand, 3 pages every morning, whatever comes into the mind. In other words… no filter or correcting.

      This helped me a lot, because now when I write screenplays or blog posts, I just write and I don’t filter the first time around.

      Then I go back (usually at least a day later so I can look at the material with fresh eyes) and edit.

      I have been told that this is the way to get your writing done easily, because if you sit there and analyze it as you write a first draft, you will never finish the first draft.

      And in terms of energetically protecting your projects, you might want to keep them to yourself when they are in the beginning stages.

      The Artist’s Way actually talks about this a lot.

      I like to think about a creative project (or anything that takes initiative in life, like finding a new job or choosing to lose weight) to be like getting pregnant.

      I get pregnant with a creative idea.

      The first trimester of a pregnancy is the most risky and fragile time for the fetus. The pregnant mom has to be careful what she eats, how she moves… even how she is touched (for example… certain types of massage will cause a miscarriage).

      In the same way, a creative pregnancy is most vulnerable in the first “trimester”… when it is in its beginning stages. So you have to be careful who you expose it to until it is in a more solid form (like a complete first draft or solid second draft).

      That’s not to say that you can’t let anyone in. Pregnant moms need doctors and appreciate the support of family… but the key word is SUPPORT.

      It has taken a while for me to find people I can trust with my creative pregnancies, but you will find that the stronger you are when you assert that you ARE, in fact, a writer (by virtue of writing) that the people who pull you down will eventually fall away in one way or another.

  2. I’m disappointed that my comments have been erased…I did admire your perspective about about life as a sensitive/Indigo, and I’m not sure what I wrote that was offensive. My first thought was that this site is really just used to generate revenue through links, but I do get the vibe that you really are an adult Indigo.

  3. Ooops sorry! :X Please erase my last comment. The first wasn’t showing up when I clicked on the link, so I assumed you had erased my comments. So sorry about that! 🙁

    1. I decided to post your comment, anyway, because it gives me an opportunity to respond. I’m sure others have wondered why it takes a while for their comments to post sometimes. (But if you still want me to take it down, I will. Just let me know.)

      Comments are approved by me before they are posted so that I can check for spam and, most of all, because I like responding personally to them.

      But, like you, I’m still a student and I don’t always get time to work on this blog. So sometimes it takes me a while to get to the comments.

      In terms of revenue, that equals, literally, less than $10 since last January (Jan 2011-April 2011) when I started Adsense. I’ve earned zero dollars from Holosynche, but I’ve left it up there because I believe in the product. Also, I put the ads up to see if people would be bothered by them, incase I do feel like putting more energy into monetizing this blog later.

      I’m not offended at all by your comments. In fact, I find them flattering that it would be important that your views are expressed in this little space that I have created on the Internet. 🙂

      Again, thank you for reading!

      ~ Indigo Leslie ~

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