INDIGO ADULTS: Rogue (X-Men) in Real Life

I have always had a certain affection for Rogue from
X-Men.  Actually, all of the X-Men
characters draw me in because as an indigo adult I don’t thing they are particularly far fetched
from what is possible in real life. Though a bit dramatic, I truly do believe
that it is within the human capacity to manipulate the weather (Storm) or speak
to people telepathically (Professor X).

But Rogue I feel is the closest we are to real life

The reason?

In real life she would be called “empathic”.  To be able to take on the
characteristics of others is a common occurrence among psychics and indigo adults and children. It is
interesting that they frame this as a benefit within the world of X-Men. 

Rogue doesn’t really see it as a benefit, because she can’t express love
through touch.  But worse than
that, if she bumps into, say, a raging alcoholic or someone with halitosis, she
is definitely drawn down by her mutant power.

I thoroughly enjoy Anna Paquin’s portrayal of Rogue in the
X-Men movies… playing off the ‘tortured soul’ roll of one unable to fully
express love. Though I think it could be taken in other directions.

Actually, the fact that there is only a transference of characteristics to Rogue if
touch is involved is actually a benefit to her. 

Going back to psychics, empaths and indigo adults and children, often
they walk into a room and they can feel and sometimes take on the
characteristics of another individual in the room, or the collective group energy in the room. The necessity of touch to transfer characteristics actually gives Rogue an element of control that real life “Rogues”
don’t have.

On the other side, the “Rogues” that walk in this
world do have the choice to touch their lovers, as long as they do not mind
taking on the characteristics of that lover. Also, often the real-life lovers
of Rogue are not drained the way the victims of X-Men’s Rogue are. Therefore,
empaths like Rogue can walk in this real world without their ‘mutant’ power being
too noticeable.  

A gentle touch is a dramatic shift of energy for those touched by X-Men Rogue, but in this world the
one being touched by the empath, psychic mind or indigo child or adult might hardly notice.

The upside of a real life Rogue in the real world is that
she can seek out the people with the most powerful and positive characteristics
and leverage that to their advantage.  

By an indigo adult or child surrounding herself by such beings, she ensures a generally smooth
life and the ability to act in the world in a powerful and positive way like the peers she surrounds herself with.  

The downside is that
because her ‘mutant’ power in this world isn’t noticable, when she does occasionally come in
contact with darker elements (violent people, drug addicts, etc) her behavior
appears erratic, unpredictable and unexplainable by those observing, and in strong
contrast to her normal ways of life, especially if she has established a
powerful, positive presence in the world.

Fortunately for Rogue, once
the negative energy has passed, she can go back to being what she was before
the negative run in (give up the drugs effortlessly, cease the violent
, etc).  Hopefully this
happens before too much damage is done.

But if the indigo adult or child is familiar with the art of manifestation, he or she will manifest mostly positive energy around him/her, as long as s/he stays in alignment with his/her higher self.

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