Indigo Adults, Lonliness and Finding Community

I recently received an email from someone asking about how to deal with the experience of loneliness as an indigo adult.

Sometimes we can feel isolated if we don’t have others to share our experiences and thoughts with and this is especially true with indigos who are not in a collective that accepts and/or acknowledges their experiences or the non-physical world.

This was my response to the email:


Thanks for the email.

I wish I knew of indigos in your area, but I sometimes find it hard to find others in my own town.

Ways I deal with it…

Well, first of all, I started this blog so that I would have some place to express my experiences without having to have someone in my physical vicinity. I created this blog, and those that are interested have found me.

I also do various searches on things related to indigo adults. There are lots of chat rooms/forums out there. I like and will be adding them to my blogroll soon.

If you can’t find others who are indigo, at least surround yourself with positive people. Join clubs with happy people. I will be joining a weekly dance class soon just for that reason. If you are empathic, surrounding yourself with happy people will help you to vibrate with happiness, too.

Finally, and most importantly, every day for 5 minutes when you wake and 5 minutes before you go to sleep, make a list of things you appreciate in your life… Your health, your smile, your feet, your bed, your favorite pillow, the tree outside your window… By doing this, you will create a habit of looking for the positive in your world and you will also manifest more of those things you appreciate in your lists.

Hope this helps!

Let me know how it’s going after you do this for a little while.


Indigo Leslie

So here are two communities that I have found recently that I really like:

Indigo World
Empath Community on Ning

(if you join the Empath Community on Ning, be sure to look up Indigo Leslie and “friend” me.)

Any indigo adults out there have any additional advice for those experiencing loneliness? How do you deal with it?

10 thoughts on “Indigo Adults, Lonliness and Finding Community”

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  2. Cherie Diane Wallace

    Dear Indigo Leslie,
    I found you this morning and am extremely grateful for you and
    the things you are doing for us Indigos. Now that I am aware that there are communities out there, I have hope.
    I am a young sixtyish and was about to give up.
    Since I am human as much as I am Indigo I wasn’t sure I could continue along this path of isolation and victimization (I.E. people hate what they don’t understand !)
    Well, enough of that!
    I am going to be doing your wonderful ‘Appreciation Exercise’.
    I’ll let you know the results.
    Thanks again Indigo Leslie !

    Love and Peace,

    Lookingforland (my Indigo name)

    1. I’m indigo by definition apparently just want reach out thought I was the only one like I am this is new to me since I know now their others

      1. Hello… some years ago a fa
        mous psychologist helped me to define myself as an indigo adult or more aptly since birth but I have still to discover the breath and depth of what this means at 70!
        Looking forward….

  3. Hello Leslie,
    I found this today! Awesome! I have so much to discuss and don’t know where to start! Lol
    I have questions to ask too!
    Karen “KK”

  4. Hi Friends,

    I am an Indigo Adult who is struggling right now. I just typed up a long paragraph with details and then deleted it all. I am not unique or special, but I do have a mind that fits perfectly into this beautiful subset of human. I would love to go into more detail on why I’m struggling and what makes me so perfectly, yet shamefully indigo. I really just want to throw this message out there and see if it sticks.

    My name is Anna and I would love to chat with someone who I can truly relate to for once.

  5. Hi! After all these years ((I’m 67), I have discovered I was an Indigo child, and now an adult. What happens at the Indigo meetings? They have a large group in Ann Arbor, MI, and I want to go, but I’d like more info!

    1. Well, if you go, you have met more than me.

      I usually meet indigos (and recognize them immediately) as I go along my way. I have never been to a meeting.

      That sounds like fun!

      Please share your experience if you end up going!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  6. My name is summer and i am an indigo. I am lookimg dor people of our breed to connect with. Online groups, in person as well. I am in texas
    Plz help. I need to understand more and how to unleash more of my ability

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