Indigo Adults Going Back To Traditional Website and Blogsite

Hi All,

I got a message this morning from someone wanting me to delete a message I incorrectly sent to him about shutting down his spammy group on Apparently it wasn’t his group or it didn’t belong to him. I took 20 minutes to look for the message but couldn’t find it.

I don’t know…

But clearly this is an indication I can’t manage Buddypress, and it’s starting to feel heavy to me to use, so I’m dropping it and going back to a traditional blog/website.


Here was my response to that member.

I’m shutting the Facebook-like aspects down soon because I am asking people to be tolerant of my own learning curve with this Buddypress stuff and clearly I’m not allowed to make mistakes.

I’m sorry I can’t correct the problem.

I feel better now that I’ve converted back, and I feel that I have been uninterested in this site since I converted to Buddypress because I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all of these spammers posting their BS about Prada bags and Nike Shoes.

Good riddens.

I guess I did solve the problem, guy that wrote to me…

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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