Indigo Adults, Exercise and Clearing Energy

About a month ago I wrote a series of articles about indigo adults using substances and the energetic effects of these substances.

For example, I sometimes use alcohol to clear my own energy field when clearing it mentally is not working as well.

I do not encourage the use of substances and can see how they can get problematic, but I also want so show the positive effects on the energy field.

By stating the positive effects not only can individuals use the substance as a tool or understand why they are over-using a particular substance, but also find better tools that are more healthful.

One of those tools is exercise.

I have been told by one psychic that exercise does not clear energy, but I disagree with that.

Vigorous cardio exercise will usually shake off “stuff” that is attached to me, and if I exercise on a regular basis, my improved fitness level usually prevents other peoples’ lower vibrations from sticking to me.

It works even better if you are performing the exercise in natural surroundings.

Have other indigo adults found this to be true? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!


Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults, Exercise and Clearing Energy”

  1. Hello just found your site and love it! I know that when I dont exercise alot that things get attached to me not in a good way.. I hurt my knee a few months ago and have not been able to swim or run and this has been pain because this was one of my main ways of dealing with this thing.. I can do some yoga but there is nothing like the feeling after a good swim or run… Pray my knee gets better soon… Best of luck! Patrick

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