Indigo Adults: Endings and New Beginnings

Indigo adults and Beginnings Endings
Motherpeace Tarot #21 – The World

Most indigo adults already have come to realize that regardless of whether the ending is happy or sad (or both), closing a chapter in one’s life allows for that energy to be freed up to start a new beginning with gusto.

Not only is it an energetic thing, but it allows for new freedom of thoughts and possibilities.

The most recent example of this in my life was the abrupt and rather uncomfortable final improvisation class I had yesterday at Improv Olympic.

This entire year I have been obsessed with taking classes at Improv Olympic and The Second City.

Strangely enough, that desire was not there before I arrived in Chicago (though I did come here because I was curious about the improv scene).

While I held this obsession (from now on we will call it a “Spell”) about the necessity of these classes, I also had enormous trouble with my creative writing.

I perceive that I was tapping into the collective that believes that these schools are the way to a career as a comic, and because that collective is so large, it casts a mental “spell” on anyone who comes near it, especially an empath like me.

After my abrupt conclusion to yesterday’s class, I felt freer. Like this weird spell had been lifted off me, because it was a “no-turning-back” ending. I actually felt my chakras more open, if we want to talk about this in a really new-agey way.

The evening after this last class I had a moment of, “What do I do now? This was my plan to really get involvwd comedy while working a job-job to support it. That was the Chicago plan and now it won’t work.” Essentially, I felt that that was the final nail in the coffin of my potential comedy activities here in Chitown.

Oddly enough, at the same time I really did feel good. To say I felt amazing would not be exaggerating.

This morning I woke up more inspired to write scripts and produce shows than I have been in the last year and a half. I’m somewhat amazed actually. Both the motivation and the inspiration is there, which means it will be easily actionable.

My point is that clearly I was doing the “square peg in round hole” thing (which has pretty much been my entire year and a half in Chicago), and I ignored my discomfort because the “spell” kept me thinking that this was the way to succeed at my goals.

The universe has made it distinctly clear that almost anywhere else besides Chicago will be a more joyful, fulfilling, abundant and creative experience.

I’m sharing this with you because the lesson for me and everyone else is: Do not be afraid to let go.

Easier said than done, right?

Most often it is not the dream that is faulty, but the plan. Don’t let go of the dream. Be flexible about the plan if that seems to be not working or feels forced.

Sometimes it feels like I’m letting go of the dream when I’m only letting go of the plan.

And every time I have thought that I have completely let go of the dream, it has come back to me in a new and more wonderful form if it was a dream I really wanted it in my life. The universe has always made a new plan.

In this example: EVERYONE comes across the country to Chicago for the same reason I did. But not everyone can write and direct and produce and edit and shoot a scene and do EVERYTHING else a production needs the way I can. Not everyone can make their own show from start to finish.

Now that the spell has been broken and I can see clearly, I realizes that I was starting in square one when I should really be starting at square eight. Putting the kibosh on improv classes was really the kindest thing the universe could do.

And it didn’t feel bad when it ended, which is how I really knew that this ending was really in my best interest and the best interest of the new beginning I am creating.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

P.S. Any other indigo adults have similar experiences? Have you had an ending that you thought was going to be sad but it felt good at the time and letting go led to new awesomeness in your life? Please share your stories below!

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