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Do you remember the scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark where they open up the ark and craziness and melted faces ensues?

Ever since I saw that scene as a little girl, I have vividly remembered that scene, not just because it was super gross and scary, but because I think it holds a very important analogy.

The people that survived that scene were the ones that closed their eyes. Despite the chaos in their world and the temptation to watch the chaos, they closed their eyes and kept them closed.

I just saw a documentary called Zeitgeist, which offered yet another doomsday scenario to the coming years.

I recommend this movie ONLY if you can detach yourself enough from the material and take the information in in a factual way, which I think is very difficult, especially for empaths and indigo adults.

The movie paints a pretty dismal scenario, but here is the thing… I think we, as indigo adults, have to take in the facts and then look for solutions.

We must ask the question, “How can we create a future where everyone, or as many people as possible, wins?

And the reason I say you must take in the information but not get caught up in the emotional stimulation it causes is because that if you get emotionally caught up, it is equivalent to leaving your eyes open when the open the ark in Indiana Jones.

Closing your eyes does not mean closing off the information coming to you from the world around you. In Indiana Jones, how would they have known the right time to close their eyes if they hadn’t been paying attention to what is going on around them?

I see the closing of the eyes the equivalent of the manifestation work necessary to get through the earth changes and to help others do the same.

Closing of the eyes in Indiana Jones is equivalent to thinking thoughts of love and well being with single focus and pig-headed determination to prevent getting sucked into any scuffle happening around you.

Easier said than done.

And what I always find weird about these movies is that these evil elitist are on the same planet as we are and breathe the same air and drink the same water. If they are as wise and all knowing as these movies purport them to be… if they have kept their connection to the earth by knowing the true truth of human divinity… then who in their right and empowered mind would ever conceive a scenario such as world domination, enslavement and control?

The elite societies have known the laws of manifestation for centuries. It seems that it goes completely against those laws to step on others to get to the top.

So in thinking of this movie’s future scenario, I have thought of a few things to think about.

1. You are always in control of your thoughts, so no matter what happens think thoughts of love… you family, your dog, your favorite things to do, etc… Use that to stay centered (aka… to keep your eyes closed if you happen to be in a scene where the ark is opening)

2. Love your enemy. I know this sounds sort of cliche, but think about it… if these bad elitists had a glimmer of heart chakra energy open to themselves, would they be able to do the things they do (or that the movie says they are doing)? Or if they were open to the empathic power that I believe everyone has innately… How long do you think separation mentality would occur? So I pray that those that have the power to do lots of good in the world… the most good… have a continued experience of heart opening and empathic experiencing to what they give their attention to and make decisions about.

I posted about Cynthia Crawford’s website a few months ago and in the video that is currently on her homepage, she talks about an experience with a bad alien that had taken someone away. A person witnessed the alien abducting this other person and told the alien to stop and he said, “What are you going to do about it?” and the person said, “I will love you.” And the alien put down the person he was taking away and left. (BTW, most of the species of aliens Cynthia Crawford talks about are kind but there are a few persnickety ones, and this occurrence was with one of those.)

I tell this story to illustrate the power of love thoughts and emotion, and the hope that we, as a planet, start to recognize and use that power.

Additionally, you will find that you can use this phrase mentally for big and small issues, and for me there is a huge sensation of safety and power (true power… self empowerment) that this thought/this phrase ignites in me when I use it.


I don’t have a step 3. I’m hoping some of you indigo adults and other psychic minds write in your thoughts so that we do have a philosophy of game plan. I’m sure, like me, you have read a ton of books on the earth changes and you’ve mentally made decisions on how to manage your energy and resources should things start shifting fast.

Part of me thinks that things will be so fluid that there really is no way to prepare in the physical world for all that is to come. That this will be a test of our inner worlds (eyes closed).

But I am kind of fascinated by all this, if only to become clearer in my own intuition on right ways of thought and action.

Your comments would be a lovely addition to this post.

Indigo Leslie

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