Indigo Adults Create a Healing Energy Space for Change

Here is a video for you about the recent Occupy Wall St. movement.

(Sorry the links for videos aren’t embedding)

I was crying as I watched this video the first time.

Partially because I felt bad for what those in the encampment have to endure, but more by an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for these people putting themselves on the line in a way that I cannot because I am not in New York.

Also, it became crystal clear to me what times and events like these are asking of the light workers, star seeds, empaths, and indigo adults and children.

INDIGO ADULTS MISSION: To understand the ENERGETIC dynamics of conflict on the planet, such as in the video above, and to deliberately and intentionally uses his/her own positive energy/vibration directed to that conflict to bring it to a peaceful resolution that is in alignment with the greatest good.

I will start by saying that much of the talk around indigo adults centers on our behavior as rabble rousers.

There have been times in my life when this has been true for me, but overall, I am very much drawn to peace and flow and I only “rabble rouse” when I feel myself or others being held from peace and flow for no good reason.

Enter Occupation Wall St.

My whole feeling when I heard about the movement was that if I was in New York I would be involved with this.

I believe strongly that the people of the world have been asking for life on planet earth to be more supportive and joyful and abundant and healthful to the planet and all of her inhabitants.

These protests are the physical manifestation to that request.

There are those that are meant to be on the front lines, staying at the encampment and remaining peaceful, even in the face of a sneering status quo. I admire their bravery and sense of purpose, and I like to think that if the flow of my life took me to be in that space, I would be able to hold it with the same grace as the peaceful protesters I have heard about and seen in videos.

But I am not there and it is not in flow of my current life to be in New York. Nor am I hearing myself called to join in physically, though I am very passionate about what they stand for.

(Specifically, I do not feel that corporations should have the same rights as people or the planet. I do not know the laws of other countries, but in the U.S. it is against the law for those running a corporation to make choices that would knowingly take away from the bottom line of the corporation. So if there was only one tree left on the planet, it would be against the law for the corporation in the U.S. to not cut down that tree if it was needed for their furniture building factory, even if those running the company wanted to make the choice to save that tree.)

But I realize now that wherever we are in the planet, we can hold energy for the people physically present in these situations.

Actually, I have been doing this for a while with all that is going on in the Middle East. Of course I pray for the safety and protection of American soldiers (as I am American and I am extremely grateful for all that they have given to this country), but it’s also a little different than that in the way I pray about it.

If one only prays for Americans (or whatever side you are on), you are still looking at it from a dualistic point of view.

I start by doing whatever to place myself in a space of joy and love and peace. Sometimes I use music or pictures or I pet my dog. Or I go for a walk. Whatever puts me in a centered and happy place emotionally.

Then I think of the place and people that could use the centered and peaceful energy that I have evoked in myself. I not only think of our soldiers, but I think of those on the other side because they are holding the guns that are shooting at our soldiers. Wouldn’t it be nice it they were feeling more peaceful and magnanimous and didn’t feel like shooting those guns? Then our soldiers wouldn’t be at risk at all.

So, going back to Wall Street, it is easy to send my gratitude and love to the protesters because I am full of gratitude and love for what they are doing.

But what about the NYPD?

I am in an interesting position with this one because my father was NYPD. He worked the race riots in Harlem in the 70s. I wasn’t even born yet, so I don’t know what he felt about what he was doing (nor did he talk about it though I wish I had asked more questions when he was alive) or if he ever had to subdued a crowd, but without the uniform, he was just a dude who was about to start a family. Because of my dad I can look at the cops and feel compassion for them and their world even when they are doing things that seem wrong.

(As a side note, here’s a link to an Olbermann/Michael Moore interview about Occupy Wall St. I was reluctant to post it because I would like to not be too politically slanted one way or the other and I really think that pundits are rabble rousers that create conflict WITHOUT the intention of positive outcome, but I watched this video just after writing the above paragraph. In this interview, Moore mentions that while he was shooting his last movie he was shooting some stuff on Wall St. and saw the cops come over. He thought he was about to be arrested but they said, “Take all the time you want. These Wall St. guys are the reason we just had our pension plan gutted.”)

So my point is that both sides are asking for asking for a peaceful resolution that is in alignment with the greatest good.

The cops, the businessmen, the hippies, the TV news and the news junkies, the new agers… Even and especially those who are the most pissed off and emotionally plugged in to the conflict…. There is a peaceful and happy resolution that will serve them all.

And when I say “peaceful resolution”, I do not mean giving up and going back to status quo.

The request for a more peaceful and life-affirming world is not going to be quelled by returning to the status quo.

The question has been asked and more and more people are asking for it as time goes on.

It is already manifested on the etheric level.

So… The real question is… How are we going to get to it?

Is it going to be through rageful conflict? Some comments on the boards would have you believe it.

But that is their story that they are telling and it doesn’t need to apply to anyone besides them and who they can convince.

Are we going to get to it through peaceful and gentle and loving means?

I think that is what the world wants… healing that is peaceful and gentle and loving. I know that’s what I want.

We can help it go that way by praying for that and envisioning that.

That is our job as lightworkers/healers/indigo adults. We hold energetic space for others to come to resolution with their desires in a more gentle and joyful and peaceful way through understanding energy and using that understanding to shift people, places and events to a more heart-centered and healing space.

Our work, the energetic work of indigo adults, is of equal importance as those who are physically present at these events and places.

This is becoming more and more clear to me every day.

I will leave you with this video, which echoes what I am saying:

~ Peace ~ (And Lord, do I mean it!) 🙂

Indigo Leslie

5 thoughts on “Indigo Adults Create a Healing Energy Space for Change”

  1. synchronicity again my dear!
    i was seeing facebook and shared a link that Lou Rhodes, from band lamb posted: “we are the 99 per cent”, posted on guardian on-line. next i saw your site and read your post about it!
    i think that all around the world people are disapointed about life and that manifests in various ways. Most of them are violent like in grecce and middle-east, because the ones that should protects us (governements) are the ones that are killing us inside. i say this because the way things actually are, we don´t have any opportunity to express our individuality and needs. it seems that we are just here to work to pay our bills, that are higher and higher without doing…nothing!
    this comes in with an idea that came to me a few years ago…that 2012 is a shift…but in society. the economic system must change and that will come after a dark period. the ones that are in control of the economy will see more and more manifestation of disagrement with the policies adopted.
    as i already told, i have this idea some some time, now. it seems like it’s getting close, don’t you agree?

    1. Yes, I do.

      I recently remembered a time from about 20 years ago when I would go to something called The Root and Branch Collective, which was a monthly meeting of musicians, artists and political activists.

      It was an open mic and people were given 10 minutes to do whatever they wanted. I would play guitar… another guy would play flute… and many others would take their 10 minutes to talk about the government, while everyone drank tea and enjoyed pot luck snacks.

      This community was very hippy-dippy, which is why I loved it, because it felt like something I had read about from the 60s… there was incense burning while everyone relaxed… and people were so unselfconscious. The dude that played the flute was weird to me… but he also seemed so free.

      Anyway, I can remember the conversations I would have on the porch during the evening. Several of those conversations spoke of the time when there would be a massive shift. People would say to me that there HAS to be a major shift because the inequity of life for a majority of people on this planet has been going on for so long and getting worse (though energetically, I can already feel a shift to the light that we are heading towards) that the pressure cooker is soon to burst.

      That was in 1993.

      What is becoming apparent in my mind is that it is not the question of a shift happening… that is inevitable. It is HOW the shift is to occur. It could be violent or it could be gentle. I vote for gentle, and have been putting my energy towards that ever since I realized that the energy one is putting toward the future right now is how it will happen for that individual.

      For the ones that say “there will be guns.” They are right… for them.

      For me… well, I’ve been waiting for a time when I can truly embody myself as an indigo adult/emath/psychic/intuitive. As things start to happen I have felt something telling me, “Your time is coming to finally have an impact… a POSITIVE impact on this planet, and to help those that will be looking for guidance. I think I am here to not necessarily break down the old structure, because I find time in the trenches to be hard on the empathic side of me (I can get into detail about his more if you like, but it’s kind of heavy energy), which sometimes makes me think that I am more crystal than indigo, but to hold a space and a vision for the new structure, that serves life and well being for all who seek to step into the light.

      Whether we are “getting close”… “Close” is a relative term. When 9-11 happened I was like, “It’s starting”. And when the market crash of 2008 happened, I heard, “It’s building and growing.” and ever since then it has been escalating at a faster and faster pace.

      My gut feeling is that the entire next decade is going to be one of shifting energy and rapid change. More rapid than anything we have seen so far.

      It’s not going to be just 2012 – BAMB! Ok… Now we’re in love and light.

      It’s just that this next decade is going to be the escalation of it all, and perhaps 2011/2012 starts it off. (A lot of people feel that the true end date for the Mayan calendar is Oct 28, 2011. Surprise!)

      Should be an interesting ride.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  2. Hi Leslie. I feel a little awkward right now because you are the first person I am reaching out to. Just typing “reaching out” stirs emotion in me so I know it’s the right thing to do. Yesterday I went to a chakras/ color theory class, and after an opening meditation I had a sort of break down that resulted in my finally telling someone that I thought I was very powerful and that it freaked me out a little. Kim, the teacher of the class, and I sat for a while after everyone else left and I was finally able to speak to someone about all of these things that I felt. Things I now understand are due to the fact that I am, undoubtably, and indigo person. I had no idea there was a tribe of us until last night. A few years back I had a reading from a man who told me I was an indigo and looked at me as if I was on fire or something, but I had no idea what he meant by it and while his reading was very enlightening and set me on a path of learning and passionate curiosity, I did not know that we are “a people.” of course I immersed myself with online content last night, continuing this morning, until I found you. You seem like someone I can trust.

    I kept a blog for a couple of years. I quit it a couple of months ago because I didn’t really understand how important the work I was doing there was. I questioned the power of the connections I was making, and since I didn’t know that it actually is my job as an indigo to reach out, I squashed that avenue to measure and weigh it’s importantce in my life. Now, after seeing what you are doing here, and how you have now helped me, I am beginning to understand how my readers must have felt when they found me. Thank you for blogging.

    Now, I have so much to learn. Not really, actually, I feel like I just want to compare notes. I feel like I really know so SO much, but I have not had anyone to talk about all of this with. I hope that we can have some talks.


    1. I think that sounds great… I would love to talk. We’re all working on different things so you probably have mastery and understanding in areas I don’t, and vice versa.

      Is your blog still up? I would love to read it!

  3. Oct 28…LOL! my birthday date!
    i’ll turn 36! cute…
    i also think i’m an empath because i noticed, since i was a child, that i could easily understand diferent points of view and when someone asked me to give an opinion about the subject, sometimes it was very hard because i understood the 2 sides of the thing and could not judge one of them. Of course that in a society like ours, it was very hard to deal with this empathy because people don’t understand this.
    Sometimes it brings me something like a discomfort, usually when i meet soulmates. I noticed this after i had a meditation about this subject because one of these soulmates had gone really upset with me after a “discussion”. When i notice that i’m in “sincronicity” with the thoughts of them, i feel very good for feeling “one”, but then i start thinking i’m invading the privacy of them. Nevertheless, i have an intuitive idea that, if i can “sincronize” with that person, that is because that person lets me do that. Am i right?

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