Indigo Adults Conspiracy Theory

I found this post about indigo adults very interesting.

What do you think about that?

I posted a comment, and thought it would be good to share it here.

Interesting post and it made me quite happy actually.

I am “indigo”… but only if indigo means that I can CONSCIOUSLY do “stuff” and have awarensses that go beyond the normal day-to-day “normal” earth plane existence.

And you and I and anyone sensitive knows, the world is energy and have direct impact on the lives we live. A thought can create something physical, have effects on other people, can be felt across the world… basic stuff.

So my definition of “indigo” has always been (1) people who have conscious awareness of that invisible energetic world (in my case, I am empathic) and (2) those who want to improve the state of the state of the world.

This isn’t a NWO thing. It’s a very practical matter, and, dare I say, self-motivated a lot of the time.

As an empath I did just fine in a small town in Arizona.

There’s no one around and not a lot of energetic debris.

Flash forward to Chicago and I am constantly bombarded and very much resemble the “disconnected’ indigo that Lewis Carroll talks about if I don’t constantly cleanse myself.

And yeah… I kind of like the idea of nutrient dense food. Clean Water and Air. Happy people around me. So if that’s what the NWO looks like, that’s what I’m putting my energy toward.

But I think the CIA’s version of NWO is a bit different.

I don’t consider “indigo” to be exclusive, but I will say that I have met people who had energetic awareness and abilities and would NOT call them indigos because they had no intent of using their abilities to improve the world.

I have met people with a strong intention to help spread love across the world but did not have the energetic awareness, so I would not call them indigos either.

But I do think that someone having one trait that I have outlined can eventually grow to have the other trait.

By the way, all of the information on my site is free. I do have adsense, which will probably pay off in about 5 more years (they don’t let you cash out until you reach 100 bucks). 🙂

It would be nice if I could make SOME money from it because that’s not an area of my life I’m doing too well in, but I hesitate to monetize that site for the very reasons that you outlined. I don’t want to be like all of the cheesy people charging a bunch of money for a target market and I also believe that information that relates to helping bring more love and balance into the world should be free.

Plus, it was started as a personal space to write my own observations about the energetic world and to query the whole “indigo”thing because I wasn’t buying the “indigo trait list” either, which you will find no where on my site.

The article (linked above) did make me reconsider whether it is wise to write publicly about my experiences. Maybe there are nefarious beings who can take advantage of my openness. Maybe I’m putting myself and others at risk.

I read the article about a week ago and since then I have not really felt this conspiracy theory to be true. Trying to stop a bunch of positively intentioned people with special abilities is like trying to heard cats. We seem to be growing in number and eventually it seems like a force that is too powerful to contain, even by unconventional means.

What do you think?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

Side note about the adsense ads… I tried to deactivate the plug-in and nothing happened. They still appear.

Another side note… I’m a having some tech work done on the site and it may be down for a few hours over the next week or so.

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