Indigo Adults, Clothing and Physical/Energetic Object Attachment

Last week I reorganized my closet to bring out my winter clothes.

This is the first time I am doing this in several years because I have not lived in a cold climate in over a decade (well, Flagstaff was cold but I didn’t think it would be so I didn’t bring warm clothes to reorganize).

Most of the winter clothes I have now are items I have pulled from New Jersey, and are clothes that I was using ten years ago when I was living there.

Because I lean toward classic styles, almost everything was still in style, but what was interesting was the energy on the clothes.

Ten years ago I was suffering emotionally from the death of my father. It was in a very sad and frustrated time in my life.

Because of this, when I put a lot of these clothes on, I could still feel those old emotions on the clothes.

One of the ways to use the Rejuvenizer is to clear energy on things such as furniture, clothing, etc, and I have found it very helpful in this regard.

But before I had a Rejuvenizer, I used to send clearing white light through my hands (blue and/or violet works, too) to the piece of clothing I was holding and that seemed to do the trick most of the time (although I have found that my success rate has gone up when combining this technique with the Rejuvenizer).

I also used to get very attached to certain items of clothing and I have read that that is because our energy is on the clothing and feels very much like it is a part of us, especially to indigo adults who feel that kind of energetic stuff more intensely.

This is why sometimes our old and ratty sweater is more precious to us than the designer item we purchased a few weeks ago but have only worn once or twice.

This is also why it can be traumatic to lose a favorite piece of clothing.

This attachment seems to Muggles as superficial because they do not see it as an attachment to the energy; just an attachment to the physical item or monetary worth of the item.

I have moved so many times in the last 3 years that it has forced me to keep letting go of physical stuff, whether or not I was emotionally or energetically ready to do so.

I don’t like the feeling of losing a “part” of myself when I lose or leave behind clothing, so I have made the conscious effort to be more detached about my belongings, especially clothes.

While this process of letting go of clothing each time I have moved hasn’t been fun, it has forced me to really look at how I relate to my clothing and stuff around me.

Through this experience, have become much more indifferent to my clothing, even my favorites.

Like, I love the look of them, but I can let them go and call back my energy when I lose items and it seems to make the process feel a lot less traumatic.

This has provided me with great freedom in a Buddhist “free-of-attachment” sort of way. Feels good!

I have also learned to use the energy clearing technique when I am about to donate clothing to charity because I (1) want it clear for the new user to enjoy and put their own energy on and (2) have found that when I don’t do this and I let go of the clothes, I feel a bit heavy for a time after donating the clothes. I don’t know where the clothes are going or who is going to get it or if the new owner is going to love the item (with my energy on it) as much as I did.

For that reason, it is best to clear clothing and other items as you release them to the universe.

Do any other indigo adults have techniques they use for maintaining a healthy energetic relationship with their physical belongings?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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3 thoughts on “Indigo Adults, Clothing and Physical/Energetic Object Attachment”

  1. Yeah, that used to happen with me! I used to find it very dificult to get rid of some snickers or clothes i used to love. I thought i had some schizofrenic ideas because of that. I have snickers with 20 years with me. Of course i don’t use them any more but i used to find it very hard to get rid of them. LOL

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