Indigo Adults: City vs. Nature

I feel strongly that indigo adults do better in natural environments because their empathy is so strong that being in nature allows the indigo to feel into the surroundings and feel good about feedback they are receiving.

I love cities, but one can feel bombarded by the amount of information intuitively coming in.

I think the best example of this was a scene from the first season of Heroes. There was a character that could hear all the thoughts of all the people around him. He was in a convenience store and saw a guy that was about to pull out a gun. Being a cop, he grabbed the guy and disarmed the criminal, but when all the customers around him realized what happened, they started to mentally freak out and he became so bombarded by everyone “yelling” at him mentally, that he passed out.

I have had moments where I have heard so much “inside talk” coming from everyone around me that I can barely think straight.

Nature provides silence from the constant chatter, and the silence feels soooo good.

That is why I love nature and think it is strange when they say indigos have a tendency for ADD. I guess it looks that way, but what I really think is going on is that the indigo is hearing all the inside voices of the people around them and reacting to that, as if the thoughts were being said out loud.

I was a young adult before the psychological world started using the term ADD, so I’m not sure if I had it those tendencies or not. Probably not. But I would love to hear from indigo adults or parents of indigo children to see if the ADD tendencies happen when in deep nature.

I’m not talking about a playground or city park. I’m talking about forest or empty beach or desert. How do these indigos do when no one or only one person (a parent) is thinking “at” them?

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  1. I have been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m of the mind that if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck…then it must be a duck! So I was convinced that other Indigos also had ADD/ADHD. I have a very difficult time concentrating or thinking in a straight line. Writing papers is hard for me because of the steps it takes to get from one to ten. I have trouble sitting still long enough to finish!

    You know, medication DOES help me focus. Now I wonder if it does this because it also (temporarily) blocks some of my gifts. I usually feel very present in the moment, and I’m not as empathic as I usually am!

    I’ve never been alone in nature long enough to try your example…but now I will.

    1. I want to be clear that I am not a doctor and I am not making medical recommendations on this site.

      You may want to try getting into nature more often. That will help whether or not you are taking meds.

      You also may want to try the energy clearing exercise posted on this blog.

      I don’t have ADD but sometimes even I have trouble paying attention long enough to get through the exercise, but just bring your attention back to the exercise every time in wanders off.

      I have never been on psychological meds, but I know a lot of people that have, and most often they have told me that they helps but it sort of numbs them, too. Some of my friends have kept taking them because the benefits outweigh the side effects. Others have chosen to stop them, or to only use them during certain periods of their life, because it was better living with their “disease” (I dislike that word but I don’t know how else to refer to it), than to live with the side effects of the meds.

      Again, this IS NOT medical advice, but this is what I would do… stay on the meds, but start to get into nature more, meditate more, and use products and eat foods/drink that are the closest to the way nature made them. I would look for natural alternatives to the meds, like perhaps essential oils or herbs that help me focus and concentrate (again, check with your doc for contraindications).

      Once I had that structure in my life and was in a phase of life that was relatively stress-free, I would perhaps want to see how I feel if I took a break from the meds I was taking. So I might go off them and to see what happens. If I feel better, great! If not, I go back on them and appreciate that there are things out there that CAN help me.

      Thanks for your comment! I wish you the best!

      ~ Indigo Leslie ~

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