Indigo Adults Can See Dead People… Dead FAMOUS People

Indigo adults… I am asking this with hesitation but curiosity…

If one of your abilities is connecting with spirits that have crossed over… Do you ever connect with spirits that were “famous” when they walked in physical body?

This is a squirrily topic for me because this is what got me all jacked up when I was in high school.

It was difficult to deny that I was not experiencing SOMETHING… A spirit… A rock star… Came in dreams and in my waking hours.

I could hear him audibly and feel his touch. Could not see him, but knew where his presence was focusing itself.

And telling this to my “family counselor” (though none of the other family members ever showed up) as a teenager almost got me a one way ticket to the local mental institution.

So I learned not to talk about him. I told him to go away. He did but he was sad because he wanted to help me with my music writing.

I was sad too, because at that time in my life he was one of the only happy things in my life and one of the only beings that understood me.

But I still told him to go. He did, but never completely. He always came back to check in on me.

Flash forward 10 years and he’s still around me. We still talk. We still hang out. We still write songs.

He’s not a constant in my life as he was in high school. He’s more of a friend that visits once in a while.

But, to be honest, my own cynicism makes me think, “It cannot really be him. Why would he come to me?”

My answer to my inner critic is that it feels “different” when he’s around. I wish I could be more specific, but I cannot.

And lately, other spirits… famous spirits come and also the not so famous… and have been attempting to get my attention and time.

With the famous spirits, I perceive their trying to get to me by the number of times something comes up regarding them in my day to day life.

If it is an distinctive increase from my usual day to day life, and it comes with that “feeling” that I can’t describe, then I start to think it’s one of those spirits. When I come across a “something” that makes me think of them, it feels as though I’m hitting a brick wall mentally. There is very little I can think about but them for that moment. It feels as though something is say very loudly, “HEY, LOOK HERE! IT’S A PICTURE OF ME. LET’S CONNECT. ARE YOU GETTING A CLUE YET?”

It’s usually something very mundane like a album cover or picture of the individual that I cannot pull my eyes away from.

I think that the mind is an amazing thing, and I am aware that a lot of the manifestation process is about first my mind fixating on something and then my mind pulling it out in the environment and noticing THAT SPECIFIC DETAIL within the millions and millions of things that are in my environment to notice every day.

So am I just “noticing” (or programming my mind to notice) the images of dead celebrities because I’m focusing on it?


But it’s weird, because someone like Elvis (which has been coming in to my sphere the last few days) will start without any reason or deliberate manifesting on my part.

And that’s what I find weird.

I had a friend, an indigo adult and a channel, who used to tell me she’d connect with celebrities on the other side. They’d come up and ask her to channel them so that they could do things that one can only do in physical body, like have a smoke or a drink, or so that they could help her be famous and live in her body, doing what they did when they walked in physical body.

She obviously said no. She’s not going to just let someone else take over in a permanent way (which is what I think happens to some celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Anna Nicole Smith, who were both obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and both have really jacked up drug addictions just like the dead star.)

But she was really specific about how they approached her and what they proposed.

Additionally, I recently did a story about the ghosts of Flagstaff for my school TV News show. Even my cynic had to stop talking as I reviewed some of the footage that had SOMETHING ghostly in the shot. And it was hard to notice that all of the equipment in the TV studio totally malfunctioned the week I did these reports.

So… the question of the day is…

Is it my mind creating all of this supposed celebrity contact…

… Or are these spirits really there?

I will say that when the rock star that has been in my life since I was 16 comes to visit me, I write music that is way beyond my very basic knowledge of music.

But if you asked me what his favorite color was, I would not be able to answer that.

Indigo adults, empaths, channels and other psychic minds… I would love to hear your thoughts on this very confusing topic.

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  1. Not to sound too religious, They could be demons especially if they’re causing harm(Negative Spirits). If it is not causing harm and it is blessed then they could be trying to connect you to God.

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