Indigo Adults Can Help To Improve Collective Energy


I am writing this during my week off from school.

I must admit, I am feeling awesome! It feels nice to be able to accomplish goals AND feel good while moving forward.

But, as I have mentioned earlier, Chicago is an out of balance city in terms of masculine/feminine energy.

The healthy balance I have achieved this week will just not do with some people.

Example: Getting on the bus yesterday.

The driver may or may not have been out of sorts before I got there, but when I stepped on, oozing of feel good goddess energy, he got pissed and tried as he could to take me down.

I found amusement in his efforts.

He got more and more pissed the more I stuck to my feel-good presence.

And then something shifted.

I watched him as he took a deep breath and started to smile and giggle.

It was a little weird and I was not expecting it.

I watched as the muscles in his body relaxed. He turned off the heat he had been blasting into the crowded and sweltering bus. This made everyone else on the bus relax a lot, too.

I got off at my stop, but not before yelling back at him, “See you later, sexy.”

He just smiled.

My work for the day was done.

But my point is that this energetic mush we call the collective is in a constant desire to balance. I was technically out of balance with the collective, but I feel that it is important, dare I say… a DUTY… of indigo adults to hold onto their feel good feelings (when possible) when they are in that feel-good space.


Because look at the impact – the shift – of the bus driver.

He changed his vibration, and I wasn’t attached to him doing so, but I had the intention of holding my clear energy – which is really all we can control when we go out into the world.

He turned off the heat and entire busload of people felt better.

And then, if the bus passengers take that feeling-better vibe into their day, they can effect others in the same way. This has the power to shift an entire collective.

Think about how powerful that is.

This is Pay it Forward on a subtle, energetic level.

But if a bunch of indigo adults and other enlightened beings lived in this space and spread it to others every day, think of how that could shift the planet!

When I think about this, I get excited. This is how I see the world progressing. All of this stuff that is rooted in 2012 really comes down shifting up consistently, or shifting downward.

I’d like to call this the Star Wars paradigm; whether we will be pulled to the dark side or use our Jedi force to spread light and goodness.

I think love and light has a much better chance.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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