Indigo Adults Can Avoid Toxic Chemicals with Essential OIls

If you are an indigo adult like me, you are sensitive to chemicals, and, unfortunately, they are all around us in the current modern environment.

I will get light-headed walking down the supermarket isle with the “normal” mainstream cleansers, and the idea of bringing them into where I live seems like a terrible idea.

So one of the solutions I have found is to use essential oils to keep my space clean and bacteria free.

The following post comes from a colleague of mine from the massage industry. She sells Young Living Essential OIls.

This particular article is about Thieves Essential Oil Blend, which I love and have used to clear sickness, disinfect wounds and just to smell good!

I sort of feel like this post is a bit of a cop out, and if you think so, too, I apologize. It’s the holidays. I’m busy. But I didn’t want to NOT post something. I hope if you stay and read, that you enjoy and learn.

As always, feedback is appreciated, especially if any of you indigo adults have used Thieves. Share with us how you have enjoyed this oil blend!

Happy Holidays!

Indigo Leslie

Protect Yourself With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
By Melodie Kantner

In the news each year we hear about the latest viruses going around and the vaccines that are supposedly going to offer protection, but every year the viruses mutate and grow more resistant and stronger. Antimicrobial products continually have to be upgraded and modified to stay ahead of the ever adaptable pathogens in our environment.

Dr. Valnet points out that pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria do not become resistant to essential oils as they do to modern-day synthetic antibiotic drugs. He states, “Infectious microbes do not appear to become accustomed to the essential oils as they do to the many forms of treatment using antibiotics.”

One reason virus and bacteria cannot mutate with the essential oils is because of the chemical constituents that make up essential oils. One essential oil can have anywhere from 200- 800 chemical constituents. It is impossible for a virus to mutate and adapt to that many
chemical constituents. Drugs are made by isolating one or two constituents. A virus can easily mutate and adapt to the drug, making it useless.

“Diseases, viruses, bacteria and fungi are plaguing America and the world. Antibiotics and synthetic antiseptics have created super germs. In fact, traditional medicine is becoming ineffective against these new powerful pathogens. In my opinion, our only hope lies in essential oils.”

— Dr. David Stewart, an expert in Earth Sciences, Natural Medicine and Aromatic Science.

Blends like Thieves and Exodus II (and the accompanying supplement Exodus) I always have on hand, along with other single oils – such as peppermint, clove, lemon, oregano, lavender, only to name a few.
When illness strikes, you need to have them already on hand.

Bacteria are everywhere & some of it could be deadly. Common places that are thriving with bacteria: door knobs, elevator buttons, bathroom faucets, table tops, counter tops and the list goes on. This bacteria is spread in many ways. You pick it up whenever you touch anything.

During cold & flu season and we are exposed all kinds of flu viruses. Colds can be caused by over 100 different types of viral pathogens, and flu viruses continually mutate from year to year. This makes it difficult for you to develop immunity to these ailments.

Although many oils will protect, my number one favorite oil blend for protecting myself and my family . . .

THIEVES OIL BLEND (Order Code #3423)

Thieves is a “must have” for everyone, especially during the cold and flu season. It was created from research about the thieves during the 16th century plague in England who rubbed oils all over their bodies to protect
themselves while they were robbing the dead and dying.

It is a proprietary blend of pure essential oils tested at Weber State University for its potent germ killing properties. Thieves was found to have a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

It’s very important, not only to rub oils on your body, because it increases the oxygen and increases the immune defense system, but to diffuse the oils in your home so the oils will kill aerosols, virus and bacteria.

That’s where I really like to encourage people to look at how they can diffuse the oils in their homes and clear up the aerosol problems that we deal with.”

Hundreds of Scientific Reports Confirm Antimicrobial Action of Essential Oils in “Thieves Blend ”

In recent years (1987-2001) a large number of essential oils and their
constituents have been investigated for their antimicrobial properties…
in more than 500 reports.

** Testing from Weber State University, found Thieves to
have a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

** Highly concentrated, a drop or two works wonders.

** Eliminate airborne bacteria by diffusing Thieves in your
home and office. Diffuse only 10 minutes a.m. and p.m.

** Essential oils of spices and herbs (Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Cinnamon, Sage and Clove) were found to possess the strongest antimicrobial properties among the many tested.”
(D. Kalemba; A. Kunika. Current Medicinal
Chemistry. Vol. 10, No. 10. pg. 813-829. abstract.)

** Save money by reducing doctor bills!!!

A Few Ways to Use Thieves Products

Thieves Oil Blend #3423

– Put Thieves oil on your hands and rub together to kill
germs you picked up on doorknobs or shopping cart
handles or other surfaces.

Put Thieves on the bottom of your feet to protect yourself
from colds or flu. Put thieves on children’s feet before
school to protect them. Most people have discovered that
they can use Thieves, undiluted on their feet because the
skin is thicker and less sensitive.

– Apply directly to upper chest and throat for bronchitis.

– Apply to cold sores to help them heal.

– Mix 50:50 with vegetable oil for relief of shingles

– Put a drop on a wound to prevent infection.

– Put a drop on a pimple.

– Use Thieves on toenail fungus or athletes foot.
Inhale Put a couple drops in your hands and inhale to
relieve lung congestion or allergy symptoms.

Internal Use

** Add 2-3 drops of Thieves into an empty capsule and
take daily. Young Living offers capsules (250 CT) for
$7.50 wholesale.

** Add 1-2 drops into a spoonful of honey or Young
Living’s Blue Agave.

** Put 1-2 drops onto a piece of bread.

** Add 1-2 drops to a glass of rice or almond milk.

** Drop 1-2 drops directly onto your tongue.

Diffuse – Diffusing Thieves essential oil blend creates a safe and simple means of filling your home with therapeutic benefits. Many forms of bacteria and mold spores linked to many common ailments can travel through the air. Diffusing Thieves adds an extra layer of protection by purifying the air while adding an uplifting scent to your home.

Eliminate airborne bacteria by diffusing Thieves in your home and office. Diffuse only 10 minutes a.m. and p.m.

Diffuse for 24-48 hours straight to eliminate household

Add Thieves to Cleaning
Add drops of Thieves to your mop bucket or cleaning solutions to kill germs on surfaces in your home. Thieves Household Cleaner is a good product for this.

Inner Defense #3295
Young Living’s Inner Defense reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for virus, yeast, fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and
contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support.

Other Thieves Products to help Fight Germs:

Thieves Spray (1fl oz.) # 3265
New 3 Pack (3-1 fl.oz.) #3266
Thieves Spray is ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleansing to protect from dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. This small bottle is perfect for traveling or keeping in your
purse or backpack. You can even spray 1 spray down your throat to combat the onset of a sore throat which can easily turn into to a 2-3 weeks flu or cold.

How to use:
Spray on any surfaces that you feel need to be cleansed, such as kitchen and bathroom counters.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier #3621

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is an all-natural hand purifier designed to cleanse and refresh the hands. Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier can be used by adults and children to keep hands clean and promote good hygiene, without the use of water.

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap #3674
Thieves Foaming Hand Soap will cleanse, defend, and condition the skin with the therapeutic grade essential oil blend Thieves, pure lemon and orange essential oils, aloe, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin E. Dispensed as a rich
foam, Thieves Foaming Hand Soap contains gentle ingredients so it can be used often without drying or stripping the skin.

Thieves Wipes #3756
Contains all-natural ingredients formulated to distribute
the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils while killing
germs and bacteria.

How to use:
Ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats and anywhere undesirable bacteria may be present.
Caution: Not for use on infants or sensitive areas of the body.

Thieves Household Cleaner # 3743

Thieves Household Cleaner contains all-natural ingredients formulated to distribute the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils in your home while killing germs and bacteria.

You can order the Thieves oil blend and Thieves Products from Young Living Essential Oils.

(SIDE NOTE: Not a doctor, can’t prescribe. Not responsible for any use of these items.)

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