Indigo Adults and Volunteer Work: The Gift of Energy and Time

With Yule and Christmas this week and Hanukkah finishing up last weekend, hopefully there has been or will be much time of gathering with friends, family and loved ones.

Many of the ceremonies around this time involve a gift exchange, and that is beautiful.

I am going to also encourage you to give a bit of your time to an organization that could use your help that you feel is in alignment with your core.

What I mean is that if you are reading this, I believe that you are probably drawn to positivity and are a positive person yourself or are seeking to be more of a positive person.

I have spent many years very proud of the fact that I put out a positive vibration and that is how I contribute to the world.

But lately, I have realized that not only can I continue to put out this positive vibration, but I have more to give. More to give that I can give directly and through action.

One of these actions is writing this blog. Giving my knowledge and experiences with the hope that not only others can learn and perhaps understand their own experiences, but also so that I can hear other experiences and other pieces of wisdom that I may integrate into my own body of knowledge.

Many opportunities for me to volunteer have come up lately.

I am feeling drawn to several of these opportunities, which is odd for me because I haven’t felt drawn to participate in much of this activity in the past.

Plus, I always felt that if I did participate I would be focusing my energy on the problem and the solution.

But I tried it out last weekend. I went to a soup kitchen.

And I’m very glad I did.

I know it sounds cliche, but I really left with a sense of gratitude for the experience and for the awareness of how much I really do have. And I have a lot. And I appreciate all of it.

And I wanted to share this with you because I’m sure that if you’re like me you’re are thinking that to just hold a vibration is enough. And in a lot of ways it is.

But I think that just as mentioned in The Secret, we can sit and meditate forever but unless we take action on what we are meditating on, we will stay in the meditation phase and not reach the manifestation phase.

If you are donating money to causes that you believe in, that’s great. Why not continue to do that and also make a little time in your schedule to also take action on what you support monetarily?

For many out there that are not donating financially because they don’t have the means, this is a great way to give back without straining finanically.

I once went to a class that insisted that 10% of one’s check be given to charity in order to stay financially balanced.

Well, at the time that put a strain on me financially and was a big chunk of what I needed to survive.

But to give my time and energy is much more fulfilling, anyway, and does not cause any additional stresses in areas of my life that are (were) already under strain.

Finally, if you do choose to volunteer, make sure it is something that is in alignment with your core. Do you love animals? Children? The environment? Do you like feeding people? (C’mon all you Italians out there, you know you do if you’re anything like me or my Italian family!) 😉

It should feel good to you? Maybe not like sunshine and roses all the time, but it should come naturally to you after a week or two of participating.

And if you are already out there on the front lines, taking action and volunteering your time and energy, I would love to hear your story and what inspires you to give in this way.

This post is really for everyone… Indigo adults, Muggles, psychic minds, empaths…

And as a side note… the energetic around the soup kitchen that I am participating in is quite lovely. Yes, it is a sad situation that many of the people that come to us are in, and ultimately we would be so happy if all the people that come to us now would NOT have to come to us because they can support themselves, but until then, I can feel the love and the gratitude from all that are involved, and it is quite beautiful.

And as an intuitive, that is probably one of the greatest gifts of all. To be part of this energy that is bigger than me with an intention that is so positive.


Indigo Leslie

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