Indigo Adults and Time Jumping

“I love my life and I’m really happy”

I’ve been hearing this a lot in my head lately. Is it my thought? Is it someone else’s that I’m hearing telepathically? I do consider this stuff, you know, with both the good and the bad that runs through my brain.

I tried a Pendulum test…

Result: Negative for other.
Mine? Yes, but sort of wishy washy…

Then I flashed to a memory from a few months ago.

I was meditating and I started to ponder some unpleasant memories from childhood.

Not wanting to dwell on the unpleasantries, I instead decided I would have a conversation with my young self… my 10 year old self.

We sat and talked and I assured her all would be better in the future. That though things might get a little rough during my teens, things just keep getting better and better. And then I imagined I hugged this little girl.

It was funny because I felt quite protective of her and at the same time greatly comforted by the feeling of being embraced by my younger self.

So then, I think about time bending and jumping and I have always felt that because thought has energy we can put our energy to different times and therefore almost change the course of our modern linear time.

And so, if we take that one step further, the me that is my future self could be doing what did in my meditation and guiding me and whispering affirmations in my ear in a way that I am only semi-conscious of, but conscious enough for me to be effected by it and for it to bend the course the the reality that I was laying down.

Then we must get into reality because there are many possibilities of what will come next for me.

I could almost feel it tangibly when I was on my cross country trip last year. The decision to stay in one place rather than another, or road or restaurant, would feel like a wave to me, and I could feel before the choice was implemented if I was making the right choice because just with the shift of intention and a few step in the direction of “I WILL TAKE THIS ROAD” I could feel whether I felt better or worse than I did with the choice I originally had that I was giving up.

In the same way, if my future self is whispering at me “I love my life and I am so happy” it’s going to orient me even more toward that direction.

I feel that I am already headed in that direction and nicely there in a lot of ways, but maybe she’s been saying this for a while and that has a lot to do with me being here now. I can’t say that I was happy a few months ago. I was OK, but I’m much better now.

I’m vividly happy. And I feel that I am in a great place for me.

And that’s no affirmation. That’s how I feel.

So this whole thing about time jumping and talking to future and past selves… That’s kind of wacky.

I mean, I’ve done time-line therapy… NLP practitioners are very big on that stuff and I do believe it works.

I guess it’s also like that scene in Harry Potter (third book) when Hermione has the timekeeper. She mentions that wizards have gone crazy by seeing themselves when playing with time.

I can see that. I guess I have the framing intact to be able to imagine the concept of jumping time, at least in an energetic way.

Your thoughts, comments, concerns, and knock knock jokes would be greatly appreciated…


Indigo Leslie

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