Indigo Adults and Their Indigo Dogs (Haha!)


My dog, Buddha, came to me with that name when I adopted him from the animal shelter.

I'm not Buddhist, but many of the beliefs in Buddhism resonate with me.

And I did wonder, at the time, what the meaning was for me that a dog named Buddha was coming into my life.

Did I have things to learn from “The Buddha”?

Was it my dog's karma to teach me Buddhist lessons through his doggie cuteness?

Was it my karma to raise a super-evolved and enlightened pup?

Do enlightened dogs really enjoy playing tug of war? Doing tricks for treats? Farting when they eat too much cheese?

I really don't have too many answers to these questions. I have learned a lot since he's been in my life, though.  And he does seem more centered than many other dogs that I meet.

What is interesting is that the times that he is NOT centered are the times when we are in higher-vibration areas… Like when we went to the Buddha Relics (see my last post) he was barking at everyone which is very unusual, and when we go to the Sedona vortexes, he becomes super-hyper, doesn't listen to direction (very unusal) and usually at somepoint does donuts around me for about 5 minutes.

I think this happens because I think that these higher vibration places turn up the energetic volume for the dog.  It cleanses the dog energetically and that can be a bit uncomfortable for the dog, when explains the hyperactiveness and misbehaving.

But the interesting thing is that when Buddha and I get home from these places, he seems SOOOOOO centered and meditative.  So knowing. 

Even if we have just been to the town of Sedona and then we go up to Flagstaff, when we get up the hill to Flagstaff, he is so altert and calm at the same time.  It's really fascinating, actually.

So aside from the interpersonal human-dog or caretaker-pet relationship learning a lot, I have also learned a lot about energy by observing my dog.  They are more sensitive and by observing their behavior, we can sometimes figure out what's been going on with us energetically.  They can teach us to improve out telepathic abilities. and they can teach us lessons in love, and balancing play with work.

Any indigo adults or other readers have interesting stories about their indigo dogs?  🙂   Please share in the comment section!

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