Indigo Adults and the Influence of Energy on Politics

indigo adults and politicsThe indigo adult readers in the United States have an presidential election coming up.

During the 6 months that lead up to the election, I deliberately shield myself from the media so as to not get swept up in the emotions of the performers (yes, I call politicians and pundits performers) or the collective witnessing the drama.

Unfortunately, the people I am occasionally around do not care to protect themselves in this way and I get drawn into their vitriol.

This actually happened last week, and it got me thinking about this week’s post.

Utter hostility about politics and the state of the planet is easy to fall into because, at least for me, the more I look and listen to all of the media sources telling me what’s wrong, the more I get very sad and then very angry.

This is not constructive.

No matter what your politics are, being angry about what is going on in the world will just perpetuate what you don’t like and make it worse. Additionally, as empaths know, we can often sway the outcome of things in a non-physical manner, but we have to connect with the energy first and to do that we must let go of that anger that blocks the connection.

My first instinct with this election was utter disgust and then a refusal to vote, but not voting goes against my strong believe that if I do not vote, I choose to not have my voice counted. Even if the elections are a sham, as many people believe, it is still important to vote.

So then I thought to myself, if I am to vote, and I dislike both candidates, what do I do?

My advice to myself and to other indigo adults in the same dilemma is this: Stop looking at everything that is wrong with the planet right now. Take a long time to imagine the world how you want it to be. Ample food and water for everyone on the planet, and all of the people living fulfilling, loving lives with each other and with the planet. A clean planet that is in balance. A world where everyone is enjoying their lives and is free. A world where people choose to work because it is incredibly pleasurable to throw oneself in to something one loves to do. A place where healthy bodies, healthy minds and harmony are a given and easy to attain. Where empaths can walk around and connect with collectives and all of the collectives are emanating vibrations that feel AWESOME to an empath… As equally awesome as the empath’s own energy.

You get the idea. Make it very specific.

After connecting with that future world, connect with each candidate, one-by-one, and see who, on a gut level, has the intention bringing the nation closer to your vision.

Then do your research. Avoid videos and radio!*** They are too emotionally charged. Read articles. Read things from all over the political spectrum – Al Jaazera to Wall Street Journal to BBC. But don’t trust any of it. Just take it in, give it a day, and then go back to the picture of the future world you created and check in to see if the gut still steers you toward the same candidate.

And for those of you who are not American, you are much more helpful by doing this exercise than to just complain about the carelessness of the U.S.

In a way, non-American inhabitants get a vote as well by offering their energy into the mix, and if it is charged with anger and frustration about our selection for president, the anger of outsiders will encourage our planet to continue to choose tyrannical rulers. It will also encourage their tyrannical behavior.

Better to pray for the wisdom from the leader’s higher self, and for those leaders act on that wisdom by making political choices that are in alignment with the wellness of the planet and all beings that inhabit it.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

P.S.: Regarding my comment about reading the candidates’ views rather than listening to it or watching it:

*** “Before the television debates most Americans didn’t even see the candidates — they read about them, they saw photos of them,” he told TIME. “This allowed the public to judge candidates on a completely different basis.” It’s a reality that continues to influence campaigns today. “When parties are considering their candidates they ask: Who would look better on TV? Who comes across better? Who can debate better?” Sabato says. “This has been taken into the calculus.”

Read more:,8599,2021078,00.html#ixzz281XJmHTp

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