Indigo Adults and the Future – What Can We Shift?

Do indigo adults believe more in fate or free will?


I recently got a message with the following question:

“I feel that I will be making a decision soon – within the next year – and for a long time that decision will feel very good, it will feel right.  But I know it will ultimately be to my detriment.  I don’t know why or how.  Knowing this, can I avoid it?”

This inspired me to write a bit about fate vs. free will.

I used to go to a lot of tarot readers when I as a teenager.

One reading in particular shifted my life in a very intense way.

I was not happy at college and this reader said that I would find great luck by quitting school and moving back to New York to be an actor.

She also said that I would be writing and directing and producing films, which surprised me, because at the time I had no knowledge or interest of such things, and I was only interested in stage acting, not film.

What she did not predict was that the day I left school, I cut my hand really badly and could not be an actor (or anything else) for several months because it needed to heal.

So what does this mean, exactly?

Imagine a mind map.

You are at the center of that mind map.

From that center is an infinite number of lines drawn to an infinite number of possible futures.

Some of these lines are visible to you. You are conscious of them.


As you think about all of these futures that you are consciously aware of, you are deepening the line that connects you with that future.

That deepening makes other lines fade but not go away completely, because all things are possible at any given moment, there are simply some that are more probable than others.

Now lets add emotion.

Lets say that with “future 1”, we are super happy. And then we can see not only the short range future one, but the long range “future 1”. The long range future one does not seem to make us happy.

But because there is an infinite possibility, not only from where we stand now, but also from where we stand in that new reality that we see as “future 1”, that long range future can potentially make us very happy. We just have to put the emotion to that situation that is happiness.

This is where it gets tricky, because as human beings, we all have associations that we perceive as being uncomfortable, and sometimes they are.

But the key to moving through them quickly is to shift perception to that which brings us joy.

As we look to the future, perceive what you want has already come and you are feeling the joy of it already coming.

Imagination must overcome physical reality or perceived potential reality in this instance.

Going back to my example…

I was most likely on a path toward the acting that I wanted. I had focused on it with joy and excitement.

Regardless of what I had chosen to do, it would have come to me. My jumping of my natural path and quitting school (which didn’t feel right but I was 20 and was like, “well, if I must I must”) I actually hampered my ability to reach my goal in a timely fashion.

As a side note, I did reach this goal, many times over. But not in the timeframe that this tarot reader explained. Actually, the information she gave me really messed me up, which is why I don’t go to tarot readers much anymore.

I do go once in a while to double check my own perceptions of what I think I’m manifesting. I also go, literally, for entertainment purposes when I’m board or to test a reader that seems pretty good or self impressed.

But I think most of the time people that read the future are full of B.S.

They have the ability see which lines on your mind map are the strongest, but they also strengthen those lines by telling them to you verbally and having you focus on them more.

It is better to think of how you want those thing to happen and focus on that.

I recommend for this person that wrote to me that they create a journal. But not a journal of today. A journal written as if s/he is living it now.

I keep my own. Here is an example of one of my journal entries…

“January 18, 2013 – Today I am enjoying skiing at Deer Valley in-between screenings at the Sundance Film Festival. I have met so many great people so far and the parties have been great. This fest really is as awesome as people have been telling me for years! I’m super excited because a producer at Comedy Central wants to produce my pilot. She actually took time to read it last night and called me this morning! I’m so excited because I love the M.O. of Comedy Central and it seems like I will get a lot of freedom there with my writing and how I create my show!”

I can already feel myself getting excited and that was just one short paragraph.

Whether this happens word for word, who knows. But I feel good about it now, and by feeling good now I know I am creating more of that feeling in my future.

Any other indigo adults have similar exercises that help them manifest a positive future? Especially if it is in drastic contrast to one’s current life?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: What I have written is true on a global scale, too. The potential futures for what is to happen to us as a planet are infinite but there are futures that are more prevalent than others because of what we, as a collective on this planet, have been manifesting, but this future is not necessarily set in stone and if we shift our focus toward the future we want and with the emotion we want as a collective group, we will see it come to fruition.

4 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and the Future – What Can We Shift?”

  1. Hi Leslie:
    Glad I discovered your blog via your finding mine. A couple of things come to mind here w/what you’ve written:
    You said:
    You are at the center of that mind map.
    From that center is an infinite number of lines drawn to an infinite number of possible futures.
    Some of these lines are visible to you. You are conscious of them.

    This sounds a lot like a column I wrote awhile ago called:
    Quantum Theory and The Many Worlds Interpretation

    EVERY possible outcome to a future happens somewhere. Our task if we want one outcome over another is simply to line up with that outcome.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Thank you for sharing that link. What you describe in that post is exactly what I am talking about.

      I was going through a course called Quantum Jumping a while ago and it gets into the Many Worlds Theory, though I don’t think the creator of Quantum Jumping uses that term.

      I sometimes emjoy pondering the theory that everything is happening at the same time and we are just in this current moment just as another “me” is in the moment of a second ago. Or a fraction of a second ago. Or 6 months ago. When I think about that, I then think, how can I synch all of my selves, if that is possible, to be my most optimal self in this fraction of time that I am currently conscious of.

      Ok, Now I’m off to bend a spoon! 🙂

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  2. I believe in fate and everyone of us planned our lifepath before come to earth. As you know life is not linear. Dance of life; the endless cycle of birth and of death. All the things repeating in this cycle till we solve it or understand and learn what we must get.

    I think, Tarot Reader can see probabilities in our life cycle. If we do the right things with help of our free will, we can solve our life cycle and go beyond of our fate.

    Simply, when you wake up, you can go back to sleep or start your daily routine and it is free will. When you choose to start your daily routine and become an actor after met by a producer accidentally, it is fate. Because, your energy, moment in time etc. is aligned with universe. Yeah, your fate will be your true but the moment it become is changeable. May be now, may be next day or next year.

    I try to meditate to solve issues on my life cycle and always positive thinking about everything even though when I feel bad try to find something to smile.

    1. I agree with you, but I think the grand lessons of our life are planned. How we learn those lessons – the details – are up to us.

      For example, one may chose to learn lessons about responsibility, and having a child would be one way to do that, or having a dog could be another.

      Thanks for sharing!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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