Indigo Adults and the “Fuck Yeah!” Test

FuckYeah and Indigo Adults

I went to lunch yesterday with a friend (and fellow indigo adult) with whom I often talk about life and deep philosophical subjects.

We are both artists and are constantly bumping up against…

(1) What we “should” be doing vs. what we want to do


(2) Having so many things that we want to do that it’s hard to decide which one to choose

Yesterday, my friend relayed a message he had received from his mentor: “Figure out what it is that you are meant to complete before you die and start heading in that direction now, because there is much more to do than you expect, and much less time to do it than you expect.”

I wholeheartedly concur with this statement, except that from where we stand, as young indigo children or adults, it can be hard to see what we are meant to complete by the end of our lives.

Additionally, it seems like at the beginning of every new year there are a million projects I want to write in my life plan for the next year, 3 years, 5 years, etc… and devoting any large amount of time to any of those projects will lead to much different outcomes five years from now.

We then started to talk about “reverse engineering”. Once you see what you want to complete before you die, you lay out the steps you perceive are necessary to get you there.

At this point I told my friend about the 15 different end points I had for each direction I could throw my energy towards.

From then on, we took a different tact to the situation. He asked me, “What are the things in your life that if you never did again before you died, you would be ok with letting go?”

That’s still a tough question, but there were definitely things that popped into my head. Those are the things that I’m still doing because I’m supposed to or expected to, or I that I am so deep into that path it seems absurd to turn around now (HELLO visual effects!)

In fact, later in the day I was reminded of what I call my, “Fuck Yeah!” Test. It goes like this.

I have a choice to make… Usually it’s an action I am debating, like, “Should I go to this event or should I skip it?” Back in the day I would go if there was any doubt, and I still do occasionally, but lately I have found that if I even have to debate the question and my heart isn’t saying, “Fuck Yeah!” to the choice, then I should skip. This is especially true if the choice involves spending money.

More often than not, when I take the action I was debating (where no clearly affirmative “Fuck Yeah!” was indicated), looking back at the choice I have found that the event was less that pleasant or a big waste of time.

I offer this to you because January seems to be a time when the collective is planning their next 12 months and there is a lot of collective initiation energy that can be harnessed by intuitive indigo adults (one of the upsides of being empathic is riding the positive emotions and intentions of the collective).

Additionally, I have noticed since we passed through the 12/21 portal, most of the intuitive individuals I know are teeter-tottering between the “Fuck Yeah!” joyful choice and the status quo, and I’m here to offer some encouragement toward the, “Fuck Yeah” joyful choice.

Because while it is important to plan the future, it is also important to pare down those things that have not been working from our past.

Besides, my indigo friend and I agreed that when we try to fit in to the status quo, it is a futile effort because it ALWAYS leaves us farther from any future that is aligned with either the status quo, or our deepest desires and destiny. So better just to go for our deepest desires and destiny.

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and the “Fuck Yeah!” Test”

  1. Leslie:

    Awesome topic! Although it is often challenging to find our life’s purpose and pursue it exclusively, it is imperative we do so. This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. From my reflections and actions I’ve come to realize the less stuff (physical, unprocessed emotions, etc) I have weighing me down the easier it is to see with clarity. With clarity and purpose the “right decisions” are immediate F Yeahs. One interesting resource I’m reading up on now is Ronelle Coburn’s “Destiny at Your Fingerprints.” According to Coburn, our purpose is imprinted in our fingertips.

    Wishing you the very best–

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