Indigo Adults and the Effect of Groups (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the upside of the collective group in a project, indigo adults and how they are effected and masterminds.

Today I will tell you what happens when the party ends.

The project is over.

And perhaps it was knowledge that the individual (indigo adult or not) was tapping. Sometimes it is even physical strength or energy.

Once the project is over, the full energetic vibe of the individuals involved returns to the individuals.

This can feel good and it can feel bad.

It feels good if you have been lending your energy to the project in a positive way, but not so good if you have been drawing upon the group energy to raise your own abilities.

For most people it’s a little of both.

For example, if one has contributed an expertise that is more refined than the rest of the group, but maybe was not as physically capable as other members, after the project this person will feel more clear about how to do things regarding his/her expertise, but will probably feel physically tired for a while or catch a cold or might not be able to lift things that were as heavy as s/he was able to during the project.

And this would be reversed to the person who has contributed brawn, but not expertise to a project.

The nice thing for others about contributing expertise, is that after a while, that tends to stick to others.

And if you are truly in an excellent mastermind, with a group of individuals who are masters in different areas, is that just the action of collaborating will raise the expertise for all individuals in the group in all areas, not just during the group meeting, but for perpetuity.

This is true for both indigo adults and non indigos, but I do feel that indigos feel the group energy much stronger.

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  1. I have heard the recent remedy for the kov-Id that is running rampant in our world now is cutting our ties from our soul. Will we still be able to do our work if that is truly what is happening? Anyone noticed decreased abilities post jaab? One of the reasons I am against it.

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