Indigo Adults and Shifting the Collective to LOVE

“Release pigs dressed as bankers and cops!Hand out rocks to everyone in the area!
Dare bankers to throw rocks at you in front of large windows!
Liquid dish soap. Lots of it.
Fuck in the streets.
Bring sand and build sand castles.
Bring garbage and build capitalism castles.
Bring counterfeit money and throw it from the rooftops.
Make fliers for a free lady gaga concert/zizek lecture at the same time and place as this action.
Make fliers for a karate skill share at the same time and place.
Make paint filled super soaker squirt guns and hand them out.”


“But when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out…” – The Beatles


When political movements like the Occupy Movement begin, they usually receive strong support from me.

But I think that once awareness is raised about the movement, rabble rousers are drawn into the mix.

Sometimes their only interest is to rabble rouse. Sometimes they believe the rabble rousing will help the cause.

Perhaps I should have posted this a week ago on Martin Luther King Day, but I didn’t see this post until this week.

But I had an epiphany about the 99% movement a few weeks ago.

Just as we are coming to know the law of attraction, so are those that are in the top percentage of wealth and power.

Do you think they are hating on the 99% the same way many in the 99% are hating on them?

I doubt it.

This movement has given them the opportunity to celebrate the wealth that they hold. Why would they have any compassion for people that hate them and want to squirt them with super soakers filled with paint?

Just like with everything else about the law of attraction, sentiments in the Secret, and even the video I posted from Doreen Virtue a few weeks ago… We must love and forgive these people.

You would think that people in the elite do not need this kind of energy towards them, but this is the energy that will shift ourselves and eliminate the duality between the 99% and the 1%.

I learned this at my school, actually.

There were many that were quite cruel to me. My first instinct was to be angry and hurt. But I thought about it and realized that there is no safety in that. There is no peace in that.

So every time since I had this realization that I have come across someone who acted unkindly to me, I secretly bless them and send them love.

I have been doing this over and over again since a little before I posted about freefalling, and the weird thing is that it is working beautifully. And fast.

I pray and pray and pray for love toward them and angels to intercede with all of my dealings there and to grow my capacity for forgiveness.

I pray that the divine guide all actions, thoughts and words.

I pray that all that whatever happens is ultimately in alignment with my greatest good. This keeps me from reacting unfavorably when it seems things are going unfavorably. By setting the intention that all that happens is in alignment with my greatest good, nothing unfavorable to me can happen. It may only seem that way at times.

I am mentioning this because I believe that this could work on a global scale. It may seem incomprehensible or rediculously miraculous, but perhaps if the dominators of this world were pressed with the overpowering energy of love focused on them from the all the people of the world, they would either fall to the wayside, because the world collective would no longer perpetuating the emotion that manifested the dominator in the first place, or the dominator would have a change of heart and be internally shifted by the love.

Haven’t you ever had moments of anger or sadness when someone stood by you and continued to love you despite attitude, behavior, etc?

It shifted you, right? You could feel your heart open. It feels like a hardness in my heart and body melts when it happens to me.

Why couldn’t that work with the Hitlers of the world? Clearly, we wouldn’t be loving the deeds of the oppressor, but the soul of the oppressor. The soul that is deeper than the evil of this world.

I think an entire world of people that is focusing energy and emotion in this way could do that.

What do you think?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Indigo Adults and Shifting the Collective to LOVE”

  1. Thanks for your blog and this post in particular. It really resonated with me.

    I was born in 1967 and had heard of the term Indigo before, but I was taken aback just today when I read a list of attributes. They described me and my life to a T, and now I’m working my way backwards through your archives.

    I want to embrace it because I think it’s a literal/spiritual truth for me, but I’ve rebelled all my life against people, organizations, etc that seemed to anoint “specialness” to themselves. That’s probably a healthful thing in some cases but taken too far it gets in the way of connecting with others.


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