Indigo Adults and Sexual Relationships

It is hard enough to walk in this world as an indigo adult and an empath and, without ever touching anyone, pick up on so much invisible stuff that is going on.

But then you bring sex into the picture and it’s a whole new mastery.

You, the indigo adult/psychic mind/empath is literally, physically merging with another individual. And with that physical merging automatically comes an energetic merging.

I take on the traits of my lover… both good and bad.

I believe most empaths do… which a good reason to pick you lovers carefully.

I really have no solution to prevent this from happening. And with me, even when I am being very diligent about cleaning my energy field, I still am not usually able to clear my lover’s energy away. It just doesn’t happen.

Maybe it’s different for male indigo adults, because they are not literally, bringing someone’s physical being into their body (unless they are gay) and I feel that that makes female indigo adults and empaths more susceptible to carrying their lover’s energy.

The unfortunate thing for me has been that because I am feeling energy that is not mine in my body that I am unable to clear, it makes long term romantic/sexual relationships sometimes uncomfortable.

This is because for long stretches of time I will see a trait that I know is not mine that I am picking up from my lover, and I can’t shake it.

For example, let’s say that I’m dating/having sex with someone that doesn’t like biking. After a while, I may start to find biking distasteful, even though I truly love biking (which I do). After a few months I will notice that I am not biking and yet also sense a part of me that is longing to go biking.

Because biking is at my core (along with the attributes that are at my core self that have shifted since the beginning of the relationship) I will eventually find that all of those traits that are mine will overpower the traits I’m picking up from my mate.

That is usually when I end up breaking up with my mate.

This can happen in non-sexual relationships, especially familial relationships, but it is even more powerful with a lover.

The most difficult part to deal with is the psychic mind part of myself in sexual relationships. If the person I am dating/making love to is not psychic, it closes me up, which is uncomfortable to me. Short term, it’s fine. I usually just get head aches with lovers that are psychically closed. But long term, it feels like something is missing from my life and that I’m lacking awareness.

One interesting thing in the case of me (an indigo empath and psychic) dating a muggle is that I usually end up evoking a psychic opening in the muggle. Petunias love this, because they want to learn more about the invisible world. So, for example, my last boyfriend, who was a muggle/Petunia, loved this benefit of dating/fucking me.

The other relationship type is when I am with another indigo adult/intuitive/emapth/psychic mind. That can get messy because usually our vibrations are so close that we don’t know who’s stuff belongs to who.

So if my lover, who is a psychic empath, is having a bad day and is pissy about it, I could be having the greatest time on a beach in Hawaii and still feel pissy and not know why.

It’s very annoying, unless you are dating an indigo who is really good at refocusing positively.

And in both cases, if the indigo adult/empath’s lover is partaking in substances, the indigo adult/empath will most likely be affected by it.

So this has lead me to wonder if I will ever end up getting married.

Sexual merging is not something I have partaken in a lot. And if I do, it’s with someone who has habits and thought patterns that I can live with, and with the positive habits/thoughts, enjoy.

But I guess that’s what makes for a good relationship, huh?

I am just looking at it through an energetic lens.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…

I am connected to all of my lovers in the past and I think this is true for everyone. Not just indigo adults/empaths.

We (indigo adults/empaths) are just able to tune into it better. So I can feel when my boyfriend from 8 years ago is thinking about me. Or when I think about him, I can connect with how he is feeling at the moment, even if I have both of us in a bubble.

Something to keep in mind if you choose a lover who can get obsessive. I have one ex that always fantasizes about me (and not in an energetically gentle way… as I taught in my last post) and it’s very annoying.

Oh, but here’s the super-cool upside about being an empathic indigo adult… you intuitively know where/how to touch your lover. Because you can feel it and sense it.

And if you are with another indigo adult or emapth (or start psychically opening a muggle) you will get to enjoy the same benefit.

To put it bluntly, it makes sex really, really great.

So choose your lovers wisely, indigo adults, because you will get much closer to them than just physically.


Indigo Leslie

Any other indigos/empaths/psychic minds have experiences like the ones I’m describing here? Please leave your experiences and thoughts below.

27 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and Sexual Relationships”

  1. iam stuck with a guy, i dont like….iam getting annoyed because of this!!!whenever i ditch him, i still feel connected to him, he thinks abt me alot and then i call him!!!his sexual fantazies are also making me crazy! he makes me think of him…..i cant concerntrate on my activities, please help me get rid of this guy….

    1. Oh, I read your other comment first.

      I had a guy like that a while ago. It’s interesting because I could feel when he was thinking about me, both casually and sexually. And it was really difficult to pull myself away energetically.

      Even worse, we were both massage therapists at the spa, so once I had cleared him energetically, I would run into him and the cycle would start again.

      I would say that first get him out of your sphere physically. With the guy I described above, I eventually left the spa. In a way, I considered it the universe sending me a message to get out of there because it wasn’t working for me on a lot of different levels. He was just one of those levels.

      Second is every time you think about him or notice he is thinking of you, bubble him and bubble yourself.

      If you feel him fantasizing about you and the bubble doesn’t work, you can mentally say something like “I command __________ (his name) out of my field. All energy of __________ I return to ____________ with love and light. You are not allowed in my field and I command you to leave.”

      Some energies are really persistent. The next thing I do is visualize something that is the antithesis of sexiness to him. Do you know his mom? Visualize her. He will feel her energy and, unless he sexualizes her, he will feel turned off by thinking about you that way. Be sure to bubble her, because you don’t want to send that energy her way. But you can also think about things like baseball and taxes and that has seemed to help me get unwanted sexual energy away from me in the past. I know it sounds a bit silly, but if it works…

      Try a cutting ceremony also. This cuts the unhealthy ties to an individual, object or place. Be sure to do the part about sending forgiveness and light, because another reason people keep coming back is that the energy is tied together, often in a negative way, and the person is returning in order to give you the opportunity to “unhook”.
      Check out this webpage:

      Finally, when you notice your attention going to him, mentally send him love and light and then refocus on what you want. I like mentally saying, “I forgive you and god bless you” (which is a phrase I acquired from Brian Tracy) and then I focus on the characteristics I want in my next lover/boyfriend. If you can, write those characteristics down. And write the characteristics that you liked in the guy you are trying to get away from… It won’t make you reconnect with the crappy side of him as much as with his better side or with someone who exemplifies his better characteristics, along with additional characteristics that are more compatible with what you are wanting.

      Actually, I really like the Abraham-Hicks exercise of writing “The positive aspects of ________________ are…” and then list them. (the blank can be anything… both something that gives you great joy as well as something that is frustrating you at the moment.)

      If you are sensitive to energy, you will actually feel a positive shift between you and whatever you focused on in the Positive Aspects exercise. It’s pretty awesome and powerful!

      Hope these tips help! Let me know how they work for you.

  2. i dont want to get any more closer to him, what u talked about yourself regarding lovers…its same with me…iam 21, i have a whole life ahead of me…i dont want to be stuck with someone i dont love…please help me lady leslie….i will be thankful to you all my life!!!!

  3. Hi Leslie, I come to you for guidance from the other side of the equation. I am in love and dating an indigo. I am very open spiritually hence welcome and cherish all he is and stands for. Our story is quite spectacular, we are first loves reunited after many many years. My question, I know he feels me and it’s gotten to the point that I feel him as well. That is, if he is going through the motions and picking up negative energies around him, I feel when he is down, I feel when he is distant. He will take moments to himself so I don’t pick up on them. My main question: there are times that I wish I could take away any negative feelings he gets, I wish (as a female when I go through my insecurities as we all tend to), he doesn’t pick up on that, I wish to learn more and more so I can complement him and never drain him.. Any suggestions?

    1. The brain cannot think a positive thought an a negative thought at the same time. And in the moments when a relationship (any relationship but especially a romantic one) gets bumpy, whether it’s for individual reasons or the dynamics of the relationship at the moment, I find it important to shift what I am focusing on.

      I think I have written about making a List of Positive Aspects (an Abraham-Hicks exercise I find very effective) in some of my posts, but I find that this works sooooo well with relationships, because on a certain level people to feel and hear the list you are making and will subconsciously react to that. The key to the list is to only list aspects that you believe are true (like, don’t say a person is punctual if they are actually always late).

      So when you have moments of insecurity or feel that you are being a drain to him, first do the bubble exercise I wrote about… or at the very least, imagine a bubble around him and a bubble around you.

      The bubble represents the idea that you want them to be them and it’s ok that they are being what they are being, all the time. You might not like it, but you honor that they are expressing what they need to express.

      Additionally, sometimes indigo adults and emapths pick up on impressions of the thoughts of other people… They act or emote in the way others expect them to, rather than what they are actually feeling and wanting to be.

      So the bubbling and the exercise should take care of a lot of what you mentioned in your email.

      And in the moments that he is “going through the motions”, which I am presuming to mean doing things that aren’t exactly in line with his passion (like a job that he likes but isn’t always fun) I would say that if the bubbling doesn’t work for both of you, it should at least work for you. And once you have become comfortable with these exercises, you can show him and he can clear himself, which isn’t really your responsibility anyway, though on the rare occasion I will go in to a family members field (after asking permission psychically) and clear some energetic ickyness that is pulling the entire family group down that doesn’t belong to them.

      I will give a couple of examples.

      My last boyfriend liked his job but it was very tiresome with a lot of minute calculations. He earned a lot of money for what he did and liked the people he worked with and enjoyed his time there for the most part, but he knew that the collective of the company was a bit of a heavier vibration (it was a major oil company) and I could feel that collective every time he went to work, by virtue of being so connected to him in our relationship.

      The way I dealt with it was to do the Bubble Exercise, and then to find a collective (a group of people) that matched my vibration better and felt really good to me. That way, when he was at work, I could connect with the collective I was with (like those at the local gym or coffeehouse). And this happened automatically, even if I was not actively socializing (empaths/indigos can connect with a group without having direct contact but physical proximity helps a lot so I think this will work to you). And then he could do his thing, and I could do my thing during the day, and when he came home, we’d reconnect.

      My final example deals with a friend, whom I have known for decades (our friendship started in kindergarten).

      She is having a rough time right now and is taking it out on me a bit. I feel it psychically and lately, I’ve felt it overtly. She is my friend and I will always love her, but I do not find her behavior towards me acceptable right now. As of last month, we are not interacting in the physical plane any longer. While this saddens me, and I can sense this saddens her, I feel that it is ok and that whatever is going on with her she has to deal with. I cannot protect her from the emotional stuff she is sorting out and clearing her energy not only won’t help, but it is important for her to process what she needs to process without interference, even if it hurts right now.

      So I feel that the most supportive thing I can do is to psychically send her love and tell her she is supported and when I feel hostility coming from her directed at me, I bubble both of us and send away her energy from my field.

      So when your guy is down, perhaps you have to just let him be where he is. Give him space to be down and still love him and support him, but don’t carry the energy for him (bubble yourself).

      I hope this helps. I know my answer has many facets to it, and that is because I wasn’t sure what would work. There are lots of techniques, and even though you explained the dynamics, it really depends.

      If someone is down because their team lost the superbowl or didn’t get a promotion, that’s a case where when you shift focus or if you help the individual shift focus to something more positive (that’s where the Positive Aspects List comes in), a lot of positive stuff can happen.

      But if someone is down because there was a death in the family, that takes a lot of emotional sorting by the individual. No amount of bubbling or clearing energy will help and that’s not an outside person’s responsibility, anyway.

      If you have any questions about my response or if anything is unclear, please let me know.

      And congratulations on meeting up with your first love. That’s so cool. I wish you great love and happiness!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  4. “Maybe it’s different for male indigo adults, because they are not literally; bringing someone’s physical being into their body (unless they are gay) and I feel that that makes female indigo adults and empathy more susceptible to carrying their lover’s energy.”

    Unless their gay?
    That is not correct, especially as of me a guy who shows his feminism and not GAY! I can do what a woman or women can do of what you said that men cannot do. Don’t forget the few men who show without fear of their feminism side which makes them very powerful men spiritually and physically.
    Did you know God All Mighty show his feminism side to understand women? Including understanding his wife? When you do mediation, you can stay at the state everyday while walking or doing the things you do in your day? You can do it. You have to spent hours and days to get the pattern, it depends on the person. Thinking deep positive thoughts can also help you solve problems in your life easier.

    Anyways, I am a man who has the ability to have both sides of the sex psychic powers of reincarnation. I can connect to anyone at anywhere in a distances, even to the other side of the world. All I need to know their name and picture of them and state and city or country and city. Then my spirit and my third psychic eye can watch them and connect to them at all times as I wish. I only do it to the ones I care dearly in my life for protection and the love I have for them.
    I understand this is her thoughts she jog down on the page, but that was unnecessary that men cannot do what women can do and only can if their gay. Which wrong too? Most men are closed psychic people and it’s even hard for gay’s to connect and most of them are spiritual about things for the fact of their own fears they face in life. And you think all the men are the same I say this because you didn’t write it down. I feel this is untrue that you don’t think that at all. Be careful what you write or people will think that what you have said assuming it.
    You have idea what is indigo. Great! You have a taste and now I dare you to open the rest of your inner and outer powers. The world will see very different place when you do open them. And most CANNOT HANDEL IT for the fact their powers changes their lives completely forever and they want their old life BACK.

    1. “Maybe it’s different for male indigo adults, because they are not literally; bringing someone’s physical being into their body (unless they are gay) and I feel that that makes female indigo adults and empathy more susceptible to carrying their lover’s energy.”

      Notice I said “maybe”…

      Honestly, I have no idea.

      Energetically it is a different experience to penetrate than to be penetrated. Volumes have been written about this throughout the years.

      The indigo adult men that I have been with were effected by my energy, but have been less susceptible to my energetic input than I have been with their energy.

      I rarely talk/write in blanket statements such as “Men are not empathic” and if it sounded like that I apologize for misrepresenting my feelings on the matter.

      But I do believe that in romantic relationships, women tend to be more empathic than the men.

      For example, lets say that two people meet and at the time they are going in two separate directions in their life. But they fall in love and start a relationship. As the relationship wears on, the one holding the masculine energy in the relationship (which in most cases is the man, but not always) will tend to keep his direction in life, and the person holding the feminine energy in the relationship (usually the woman, but not always) will tend to start embodying a support roll for the masculine energy, ESPECIALLY if the feminine energy is extremely empathic. Because she can’t tell until it is too late that she is completely off her path.

      Which is why I believe relationships are especially difficult for empaths, no matter what the gender.

      The statement you commented on was more a comment (or pondering) of the physical dynamics of sex and how that effects the energetic state.

      When I use words like “maybe” and “perhaps” it is because I do not have a set-in-stone opinion on the matter. And that these statements are open to comments. And that I encourage others to give input to widen my perspective. As you have done. And I appreciate that.

      You have not really changed my opinion, except that you have made me ponder the energetic nature of male homosexual behavior. Perhaps it is not about penetration because it seems like the tendency in male homosexual culture is to change partners a lot (again… not always, but I have a lot of gay friends that celebrate the promiscuity of gay male culture).

      Then again, would a gay male (or anyone for that matter) is empathic and has a lot of sexual partners be feeling into all of them at the same time? That’d be a head-trip, huh?

      For more reading on this topic (and a back up to what I have written), you may want to refer to books by David Deida. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I find a lot of it to be true in my life.

      For a long time I was very resistant to the assertion that women more naturally fall into the feminine energy and men have more of a tendency to fall into the masculine. And that things work better if individuals accept that when they are in romantic relationships with people (which is David Deida’s main assertion).

      But sometimes I think that it does work better. I really don’t know. I have been in relationships that have been deep, but not long.

  5. I cannot beleive your blog. Its the most helpful thing ive read in Months!!! I know we dont know eachother but i can relate to your writting about your experiences on so many levels.

    Thank you for expressing yourself.

    indigo kell

  6. I am deeply in love with an Indigo women (an Aries and I am a Leo)…i am on my second book to better understand her…we have such an incredibile connection and i think i rushed things and now she has basically pulled away…is there any chance i can win the girl of my dreams back?

    1. I wouldn’t be able tot answer that question without talking to her.

      I have venus in Aries, so I tend to be more comfortable in the go-getter position when it comes to relationships, but that’s just me.

      But from an indigo adult point of view, that go-getter position also allows me to control the romantic closeness of the relationship. I let up a bit if I start entrancing into my partner too much.

      By wording it, “win the girl of my dreams back” you still put yourself in the active position. I would think a better way to phrase that is, “to create an emotional and relationship space that will be comfortable for my love and most beneficial to both of us.”

      Sometimes things end and we don’t see why that ending serves us because the ending is uncomfortable. Not to say that is what is true in your case, but intuitives tend to come and go with the vibrational tide, so create a good vibrational space (not one of needing to win someone which will vibrationally feel a bit controlling, even if it’s not) for your love to return to you.

      On a more practical level, if she is empathic, it would be helpful for you to do the energy clearing exercise and be sure to send back all of her energy to her.

      This might feel uncomfortable to you, because you love her and want to feel her presence on a lot of different levels, but this will feel good to her and she will feel released, if only on a subconscious level. This feeling of release of her energy will feel like freedom to her. Additionally, she might also recognize the absence of your energy in her field and that my draw her back.

      Typically all of this is on a subconscious level. I am only aware of this because I have spent many years studying it. I always joke that when a spider burps in China, I feel it. And that’s what I’m talking about here.

      Best wishes to you and the woman you care for, and my intention in writing this is for an outcome that is in alignment for the greatest good for all involved.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  7. Thank you for your posts.

    I have recently started into a relationship with an indigo male and am glad for the chance to learn more without having to burden him with constant questions.

    In our short time together he has been a wonderful addition to my life, and has open my mind to a new world.

    Again, thank you. -Crystal

  8. Hi
    Thank you for posting your thoughts and advice. I am only just discovering that this is what I am and it brings me a small amount of relief to be able to categorize myself in such a way that I can try to find resources to help me. I have only recently been called into a higher service and when I first felt it I began a violent inner struggle with logic and reason, and felt somewhat pissed off at having been chosen to become what I saw as a spiritual fanatic. It is clear now that every time I try to turn my back on my gifts I am met with fierce opposition from the universe. It has caused me to become extremely disconnected from my birth family and my friends of many years with no way of “turning back.”I have felt with great intensity the painful aspects of this station in life and have spent much of my time imbalanced and depressed, always striving, never attaining. I have been fighting and struggling to come to an understanding that I can accept and so far this is the closest that Ive found.
    For the last two years my life has been in constant turmoil and has undergone extreme changes that I could feel on the horizon for years ahead of time and have been trying to avoid. I actually got sucked up by a kind of wheel of rebirth and was spit back out into an impossible situation that asks quite a lot of me.
    I found your bit about absorbing your lovers good and bad characteristics/energy somewhat reassuring. I have found myself absorbing my husbands negative characteristics that start to morph into an unhealthy self criticism/self disgust but are perhaps designed to protect me in some way I dont know. It does not feel like it though. For a while I was able to eradicate or transform these negative energies into positive ones but then circumstances became overwhelming and I was rushed (without ease)into my “hiding/alone space.” Anyways, If you know of any other resources that may be helpful please refer me. Thank you. light love and blessings

    1. I am glad you like my blog…

      I am intending to get a book list up soon and I will be adding more helpful sites to my blogroll!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  9. I found these posts to be so amazing! I can relate to them so much. I have always known that the person that i choose to be with will effect far more than the romantic aspect of my life, but just now learning that I need to make better choices in men. I am very intuitive yet, emotional and it can be overwhelming often. I am at a point after being in a long term relationship where i truly want to enjoy my individuality, independence and dont want to open myself up to the energy of others as much because i can already feel everything. Only other indigo’s can understand this. Its nice to know i am not alone. I can definitely feel when my ex’s are thinking about me or trying to re-enter my consciousness. It can be annoying but i have learned how to shut out people. How do i do this, i build a wall in my minds eye and close them out. I feel safe after that as if they cant access me and it works.

  10. This makes me nuts. I’m an empath too, so obviously I pick up the traits of my lover and I’m a man and not gay but can still feel her when she is away. Anyway we just got in a huge fight and everything she said that she can’t stand about me was all the negative traits I picked up from her when she is around. It’s hard because she had a very hard life and has deep issues that she just keeps bottled up but I can feel them all the time. I don’t know what to do for her but told her she needs some serious psychological help. I don’t even know if she’s aware of the problems she has. I love the girl but I think I need to let her go because it’s affecting my life to much. I love going hiking and kayaking and anything with pure nature around and she doesn’t like to do any of it and I hate that!

    1. It can be rough when our partner has a very different vibration than our own.

      At the same time, I find that it also helps to differentiate my “stuff” from his because it is so different than mine.

      Maybe it’s a blessing that you can go out into nature by yourself to reconnect with earth and self, and then return refreshed and grounded and energetically clear.

      But I also understand that it is nice to go do those things with others.

      For example, I love to travel alone but I have moments where I will be looking at something or experiencing something and really want to share it with another person.

      I hope things get better and/or if you figure out any techniques that help you to stay connected to self.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  11. So there you go. Right! I am a male indigo at the age of 25 currently in the process of fully accepting and embracing my indigo nature. I am very passionate about females. Like one of Hank Moody’s epic quotes: ” All women are beautiful in one way or another; there’s always something about every one of you; a smile, a curve, a secret. ” stated, women really are fascinating.

    But what happens, when you are not the “typical” male who only wants sex (ye you know that i am talking about the label society has imposed on some very disconnected males). What happens when you see a woman walking by and instantly pick up on her sexuality and without being able to control it, your whole body starts vibrating and you feel like you want to offer that woman the whole world on a silver plate?

    When you actually feel yourself inside of her, feel yourself touching her and directing her energies to an EXTREME CLIMAX of pleasure and connection with all that is? And know that physical sexuality is just a more expressed way and a completion of that which happens inside of each and everyone of us and just wanting to connect to women for the pure pleasure of doing so, without expectations, without judgement, without strings…

    Just live with your woman, inside your woman and all around her, completing her need for submission and nurturing and allow her to offer you the world by offering your world first! Oh.. she will open up all right, she will finally be ready to be herself and allow all kinds of sexy, kinky, funky energies to sweep her of her feet and surrender completely towards a more satisfying version of herself!

    Well to be honest this would all be great, if most women wouldn’t walk around completely defensive due to peer pressure. I guess what i wanted to say was that it really is just a shame to see and sense such a lovely creature who is shutting herself down due to insecurities… such a shame 🙂 I believe that women can be more fulfilled if men would be willing to ACTUALLY START ACTING LIKE REAL MEN instead of what society programmed them to be.

    So ye I tend to back you up when you say that relationships are totally different for people labeled as indigo.

    P.S Wondering how those little rainbow fakers are like! hehe 🙂

  12. Sounds like you need a cord cutting and aura clearing. There ate places available for such things. Also, I find for myself especially when feeling certain attachments as you’ve mentioned to people in the past or picking up energy debris even throughout the day is remembering the law of attraction. The more you convince yourself of that being the way. Solidifying it in your mind that it will happen it will. Try to know in the core of your soul that we all have the ability to control our thoughts and bring what we need into our lives for our spiritual evolution personally. Ask higher powers to aid you in letting go of old ways of thinking and traits you feel don’t resonate with your divine being. The truth in us all. Love.

  13. I am a gay male who has recently started talking to an Indigo male. Before me he has mostly been with women. He has had one short “relationship” with a male and it ended up being a totally bad experience for him. Although I can tell that he knows I am a good person and in no way like the other male he was seeing…there are still some reservations it seems like. I am pretty sure he really does like me…he just explained to me that he has a lot going on in his life at the moment and cannot commit to a relationship right now…he has been in a state of depression. I let him know that I wanted to be there for him in anyway I could…I wanted to be the one he seeks comfort in and help him get back to the person I know he is…he said all he has known how to do is internalize everything but he would try to open up to me, and while that has lasted for about a week or so he has gone right back to the way he was (cold and distant)…I am 26 and have never been in a relationship before, but I do know that he is a really amazing person and we would do a good job at complimenting each others lives…is there any advice you can give me?

    1. Hmm…

      I’m not really an expert in romantic relationships and this sounds like a question that is along those lines, vut here is my perspective from an energetic perspective.

      Individuals who do not feel safe being open with others emotionally can sometimes be helped by their partner (you) and by the people around them to feel safer.

      First, mentally place a protective bubble around him and yourself.

      On a very subconscious level, this may protect him a bit from feeling pulled by your desire for a relationship if he is not feeling comfortable yet with that level of intimacy. If he is a thought empath (picks up on the thought of others as his own) or emotional empath (picks up on the emotions of others as his own) this will help him to feel safer because he will be able to better connect with himself, rather than feeling pulled by your thoughts and emotions.

      At the same time, you can take this time, after creating the bubbles, to mentally let him know that whatever he chooses is ok, and that you accept whatever choices he makes in the relationship.

      Finally, focus on all of those aspects that you find amazing about him and let that evoke love and caring within you for him.

      If he is ready to open to that love and caring, you two will connect harmoniously. If he is not ready, then by evoking positive emotions for the things that you find amazing hin him without being attached that it is him that you end up with, this often brings another individual into one’s life that embodies of the amazing qualities of the original man, and ALSO is ready and open for a meaningful relationship with the emotional depth that you seek.

      I know it is tough to watch someone you care about in a deep state of depression, but sometimes it is just a phase and will end as all things do.

      On a more practical note, I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, but I love the books “How to Live Longer and Feel Better” by Linus Pauling and “Doctor Yourself” by Andrew W. Saul. Both discuss the relationship between depression and Niacin. Megadoses of Vitamin C really help me, especially in the winter.

      I hope this helps.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

      1. What do you know about Star Children and “split personalities” or “alter ego” per say? Is It possible that the higher the intuiton of a starchild, a different somebody emerges?

  14. ?been suspecting this for some time now: great read. This is completely true! Based on the gathered information about “your partners,” it’s the habits: Any Habits! They smoked, you’ll feel that temptation, short tempered, you’ll feel that too. Lazy: yep. All of it can transfer & ironically what they take from you becomes clear as well. As the “connection” comes to an end you will notice the for the moment attraction has drained your good qualities. They’ll become cleaner, if you were the “cleaner” one, extremely telepathic, sexually upgraded… If you were a loose-lover: Yep, they hop around with ease. They can earn your boldness & even become paranoid about what makes you anxious.

  15. Angela Shakeith Baker

    Sorry but I have to ask. What do indigo adults orgasms. I personally cant get an orgasm. I’ve been in three serious relationship and I only had and orgasm with them 1 time and never again unless I masturbate. Sorry for being so blunt. But I need to understand why this happens. Thanks for any advice

    1. I’m not really a sex expert and while having an orgasm does relate very much to having an energetic experience, I will say that sometimes masturbating releases the energy and it needs to build up again to make it easier to orgasm. The release is based in the second chakra, which is also the tan tien in Chinese Medicine… one of the most important energy centers in the body. I have found that when the energy releases with 2 people, as with sex, it is a complete circuit between the two people and it is grounded (as one would ground an electrical circuit), but when it is a solo effort, the energy dissipates and, personally, I must regain my own energy through tai chi or qi gong.

      Also, my sensitivity increased once I stopped using powerful vibrators. (now I’M sorry for being blunt.) Nicole Daedone talks about this in her book Slow Sex. Daedone also talks about grounding the energy of the orgasm, which I found really interesting.

      I first learned about Nicole Daedone’s book from Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Work Week and I believe there is a whole chapter in his book about giving any woman an orgasm in 15 minutes (which is a bit of a headliner, but the chapter was pretty good.)

      Anyway, I hope this helps!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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