Indigo Adults and Sexual Fantasy

I keep saying on this blog that I am going to write about this and I never do.

It’s a touchy subject. I can feel my own resistance.

I will start by saying that the spirit that taught me this said that I was at a certain level and that many would not understand this information.

So if you don’t get this post, it wasn’t meant for you. Read other posts.

We indigo adults are powerful thinkers. I know that even the least psychic muggles can feel my thoughts. I notice it in their behavior.

Which means that we have to be extra careful with how we think about others.

When it comes to sexual fantasizing, it is important to go though a few, very specific steps, before engaging in the fantasy, if the fantasy involves another physical being.

This is because we do not want to control them or their thoughts, but it can often happen accidentally that way if we do not go though particular protocol before engaging in the fantasy.

The other thing that can happen is they will feel the fantasy in their body, which feels like a violation, and it is in some regards.

When people fantasize about me but do not go though these steps, I can literally feel the penetration of their body into mine energetically. I can feel the heaviness of someone on top of me. I can feel their thought of their hands on me.

Start with a bubble around yourself. If you don’t know how to do this, refer to my energy cleansing meditation.

Next, bubble the other person. Mentally say this to them…

“I do not expect anything from you. I am about to appreciate your sexual energy. You give so much just by walking in this world… You do not need to give anymore. Be yourself and know that you give great pleasure to others just by being you. I am not attached to any of the things i am thinking coming to fruition. I am fulfilled completely in the here and now and you are helping simply by you being you.”

I like to add, “If it comes into fruition… Beauteous. If not, that is ok because I am completely fulfilled in the here and now.”

I add the end when I would be ok with what I am fantasizing coming to fruition into the physical, but, again, I’m not attached to it because the fantasy is plenty to fulfill me.

Remember to bubble/shield the individual you are thinking about. That allows them to continue to be who they are without feeling or being influenced strongly by your thoughts.

Then do your fantasizing. Enjoy and be fulfilled!

Then, again… do the same meditation you started with. As mentioned above, let the other individual know that they have given you great pleasure by simply walking on this earth and being who they are…

Then send away their energy with gratitude and love.

And you, and the object of your fantasy, should be good to go.

And you have just ethically and cleanly (energetically) fantasized about someone else… safely and sexually.

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