Indigo Adults and Religion

religion_and_indigo_adultsFor the longest time I have been unable to describe my spiritual belief system, but have been keenly aware of my deeply spiritual nature.

When I returned to the East Coast, the query of religion returned to my mind.

The last time I was on the East Coast for any length of time, I was constantly examining my beliefs. I think that it was because many of the people around me in the east believe that structured spirituality (churches, official books, dogma) is the only kind of spirituality.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I have posted energetic clearings that mention Buddha and Christ, that I have had phases in my life in which I regularly attended sweat lodges, and I also believe I mentioned somewhere that I am pagan.

Most recently, all of these religions (and more) came to a head during the holidays when I found myself at numerous religious celebrations for a variety of religions… and I loved each and every one of them.

In the past, I used to reject some religions over others, but now I am enjoying the ceremonies, beliefs and rituals of many, and I don’t feel that that is a bad thing.

We=e will never REALLY know… OR we already KNOW and it doesn’t matter what route we take…

So it feels very natural to accept several religions as my own.

If you saw Life Of Pi, you know there is a scene where Pi is told by his father that he cannot have several religions.

That scene in the movie really touched a nerve in me and it is what brought about this post topic.

If I look back, I can say that the strongest religious and spiritual influence on my life was reading On Walden Pond by Henry Thoreau. His section on religion states that we should examine all of the great religious works and pull from those works the concepts that make us feel the most spiritual and closest to God.

Since the day I read that, that has been the foundation of my belief system.

Additionally, it is my understanding that the nature of most indigo adults is to reject the BS formality and dogma of religions. At the same time, I believe that most indigos have rich spiritual lives. So it’s not an outright rejection of spirituality, just the human part of it when it feels contrived and gets in the way of true spirituality.

Last week, I took one of those prayers to Mary Magdalene out of the newspaper and followed the instructions. It felt good while I was saying the prayer, and I felt energetically connected to an energy that my usual pagan prayers (which feel equally as powerful) do not bring forth.
It fascinates me because realized I am able to feel the different nuance in the vibration, which is not something I have been capable of doing in the past with such acuity.

The day I started the prayer, I met a woman who also prays to Mary and the Catholic saints.

This lead me to conclude that religion also might provide an energetic connection that can draw forth like minded people due to similar vibration, even if that prayer or religion is not the particular reason the two or many people are gathered.

This was another fascinating (though not surprising, in retrospect) revelation to me.

Have any other indigo adults gone through any shifts in religious or spiritual belief lately? Do you think it has to do with the earth shift that occurred last month? (Do you think an energetic shift occurred last month?)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

5 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and Religion”

  1. What u have written here is truly a testament to your ability to see the beauty in everything. It is obvious that u are a very accepting and loving and empathetic person. That having been said, by accepting many beliefs as your own, or essentially tweaking them to your liking (taking all the things u feel are right and disgaurding what u don’t agree with) you are allowing yourself to live in denial. It’s like u are saying that there are snakes in the world but are refusing to believe that any of them are poisonous and can kill u. To put it plainly, God and Satan exist. I’m sure that since you are so in tune with your spirituality that you have been allowed to know that this is true. Sometimes it is too hard to handle the truth, so we make up reality to be a safe place to be, the way we want it, not the way it is. Look into your past and remember what God has shown u, perhaps he showed u as a child. There is good and evil, God and Satan, in this place, u cannot have one w/out the other.
    Yes, there is a spiritual shift taking place, the spiritual line in the sand is being drawn, on which side do u stand?

  2. Thanks for that article Leslie.. Religion, this is a weird word to me. I am not religious at all.. but very spiritual person.
    I was raised Christian, but walked away from that religion very early in my life.. Although, basically all my friends are church going people, I respect their belief..
    I don’t see myself shifting my spiritual belief at that time of my life..
    I really enjoy reading your pages..
    FAb 🙂

  3. What a great relief it was to read this post about religion. I was born in to a Catholic family but was Cheistened in a C of E church. I mainly took on the role of Catholosism but have always had a deep love for Buddism and just recently have had a complete plunge and connection with not only Catholisism, Christianity and Buddhism but Judaism and Hinduism. This has happened to me toward the end if 2012 where I was feeling very lost and finding it hard to deal with the changing in the energy force. I have upset a few people recently with my view of religions in this way but I definitely feel a strong connection and a sub conscious understanding of them all. I am still working it all out myself but I feel very at ease with all of this I just want to understand it a little better, though I am sure it will all be shown to me when the time is right.

    Peace, love & light

    Sacha xx

  4. Very interesting. I classify myself as Southern Baptist, but I believe in Buddha, Hindu gods, Olmec & native teachings. It’s all different paths up the same mountain. All of these so called gods were special & they were there as guides to help us on our spiritual journey. Maybe they were all aliens that came down to give humans teachings & knowledge without scaring them all. Who knows!

  5. Yogananda taught to see God everywhere in every person animal tree etc everywhere so I could never be put into any box by anyone God is unlimited. It is people’s minds that want to limit God into their own box.

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