Indigo Adults and Raising the Energy in the Mid-West

indigo adults peace-symbolLast week I wrote about Amma, “the hugging guru”, and her quest for raising the energy in the Midwest.

I have continued to think about my roll here and why I was sent to Chicago. This got me thinking about NATO, which is an annual conference where a number of world leaders meet, and which took place in Chicago in May.

During the lead up to NATO, I found most public places unbearable.

Seriously… All I wanted to do was hide under a rock in the weeks leading up to NATO.

This week I had a very interesting conversation with a couple of cops that patrolled during NATO.

They were astounded because there were no occurrences of violence during the event, despite the intentions of multiple anarchist groups.

While I knew nothing about the groups, I could definitely feel the turmoil in the city. My school is located across the street from Town Hall. Can we say ground zero for angry protesting?

So this also made me think that perhaps I was brought here to balance the energy for this massive political event. And maybe others moved here recently, too, for the same reason.

The energy in Chicago leading up to the event had the same effect on me as the months leading up to 9/11. I was in New York working across from the World Trade Center until 3 months before 9/11 and all I could think during that time was get me the hell out of this city. I was utterly miserable. But maybe I was there to balance the energy as best as possible in New York as well.

And so with NATO all I did was pray for the safety of all involved. I knew there would be protesters and I knew that the police would be on edge. It was a volatile situation and I’m so glad everything went relatively smoothly.

Perhaps my prayers helped the police find the facilities where the anarchist groups were keeping Molotov Cocktails. Perhaps my prayers calmed the angry crowds.

But after last weekend’s conversation with the woman who invited me to Amma’s retreat, and this week’s conversation with a couple of very nice police officers, it did occur to me that I was here to pray and to calm the volatility, which my energy seems to do. Perhaps I was here to ride the bus and subways and clear the energy in public places.

Thest things even relate to a lot of the posts I have made over the last few weeks.

I do feel that I will be leaving Chicago in the next 6 months. I am graduating visual effects school in a few months and I’m not sure where I’m going but I have a feeling I’m not staying here.

I’m sort of relieved. This has been a rough year.

it’s kind of exciting, though. How many people can say they don’t know where they will be in 6 months? Some people might not know that they are about to have a major life shift, but I can see this one coming, and while it’s slightly stressful it’s also fun to think about the possibilities.

I’ve gotten some messages from other indigo adults that also get shifted around for purposes greater than one’s own life. Anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone feel the pull of major world events on the day-to-day aspects of their life. (like moving just before a major world event occurs across from where you work.)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and Raising the Energy in the Mid-West”

  1. Hello Leslie,

    I found your blog around the time of your May 5th post. I was fascinated. I browsed the site and found the meditations for clearing energy and calling back energy. Thank you they are incredible!

    I’m pretty sure that you’ve changed my life…

    I started doing the meditations regularly and each time I finished I felt a little better…. more like myself…

    Last week I was speaking to a friend at work and describing the events of 9/11. I was there and until this post couldn’t understand.

    Four weeks before 9/11 my boss started requiring that I be in Long Island every Tuesday for a staff meeting. At the time I lived in Michigan. So each Tuesday morning I boarded a plane at Detroit Metro Airport and flew to New York for the day. Just me and my laptop…

    On 9/11 my plane landed at approximately 8:45 am. I rushed to a waiting car to dial-in for a 9:00 am conference call. (strange, I know but…) Just before the meeting started the driver received a call saying that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. My first thought, like many, was “What idiot flew into the World Trade Center?” Thinking it was a small private plane.

    We were on the Long Island Express Way. Turned on the news and I turned around — with a perfect view of the towers… I looked at them, I wanted to memorize the image because I could feel that I would never see them again. This is before the type of aircraft was confirmed and less than an hour before the 1st tower would fall. I have never had such clarity before.

    Emergency crews began responding from all over the city. Countless emergency vehicles passed us heading to the city as we were heading away. I remember very clearly thinking that they were going to die or that there was massive death. By the time I reached my destination, Islandia, the first tower had just fallen.

    I was in New York for five days before I could rent a car and drive back to Michigan. The entire time I kept thinking, I’m not supposed to be here. This isn’t my event. I should be watching this on TV from home… The energy in the city was surreal… I didn’t understand until your post…

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to comment on the post until I was watching an episode of Chopped tonight all of the chefs were from New Orleans. Then remembered, that I was Tulsa, Oklahoma for Katrina because of another set of unusual circumstances.

    At that time I lived in Atlanta so being in Tulsa wasn’t that much closer to event; however, I was in a hotel filled to capacity with survivors. Had I been at home I would have had no real contact with survivors.

    Both of these events altered my life… my energy… and for the last 11 years I have descended into a deep depression, been unemployed twice and felt completely separated from myself. I’m an overachiever that was not me at all. I have struggled to gradually work back to being “myself”. I believe I’m there…

    I mentioned that around the time of your May 5th post I started doing the energy clearing meditations. I believe all of the energy from those two events overwhelmed me. The clearing and recalling meditations were, perhaps, the final steps in my journey back to myself.

    As if I needed proof or confirmation of any of this, as I recalled the events of 9/11 last week my entire body filled with energy. I could physically feel tingling, warmth, and energy coursing through every part of my body.

    I hadn’t read this post yet…

    I’ve only recently discovered that I’m an Indigo. Thank you for sharing your experiences and providing guide posts for others. The value of your words is immeasurable.


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