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There is a theory that the species that we think have gone extinct really have not gone extinct. We, as a collective planet, have just become out of synche with the natural world that one by one these species are vibrating at a such a different frequency and existing on a different level of vibration that we cannot detect.

I mention this because this has come up a few times recently.

Last week I wrote about a glitch in the Matrix, and this week I had another visual experience. This time I saw an unidentified flying object. Even though I’ve posted about aliens before, I hesitate to say aliens because aliens are normal in Sedona and Nevada. They are a bit weird in downtown Chicago.

But the strange thing (as if this wasn’t strange enough) was that I had the same emotional reaction as in the dream I had with the alien beings several years ago. I posted about that dream about a year ago and when I saw whatever it was in the sky this week, I felt tremendous peace and joy. It was awesome.

And my neighbor was walking her dog and I turned to her and said, “What is that?” and she said that maybe it was one of those planes that advertises something, but it wasn’t moving like a plane or a helicopter, yet it was too fast for a blimp.

I have never been a visual psychic. I am kinesthetic, emotional, audio, intellectual but never visual. And I’ve been glad about that because if I get a hunch because I accidentally hear what someone is thinking, I can chalk it up to good instincts. But seeing stuff… There’s no 3rd dimensional explanation that can even come close to explaining that kind of stuff.

So maybe this meditation program that I am doing is refining my vibration a bit so that I can see more.

Ha! I should keep my eyes peeled for a wooly mammoth to come running down Clark Street!

Lord, I hope not.

But here is another example of the theory. A friend of mine was recounting a story in which her friends came in from the country and people were walking by them downtown like they weren’t even there. It wasn’t that people were walking by in a bustle, but that my friend’s friends weren’t even seen.

Is it because they were in such a different vibration that they were undetectable at that moment to the city dwellers?

Another time I was at a spa with a friend and the massage brought me to a really strange energetic space. I laid out in the eucalyptus room for over an hour afterward. I was surprised that my friend hadn’t come find me after her massage. I went to look for her and ran into her in the parking lot. She was furious with me and had an awful time at the spa and was mad at me for not answering her text messages and asked me why wasn’t I in the spa? I told her I was in the eucalyptus room for the last hour. She said I couldn’t have been because she checked that room at least three times.

Were we in such different vibrational spaces that we could not see each other?

I write this because some of the things that have been said about the earth changes relate to our world splitting apart.

While it could be as dramatic as the earth literally splitting in two, my gut instinct leads me to believe that it will be more like the experience in the spa. There are people with the intention of going to a higher level of vibration and there are people that are so attached to the third dimension and all of its entrapment that it causes them to harm others and have not so good intentions, which will leave them on the third dimension. (NOTE: I’m not saying that higher vibrational beings should not enjoy the pleasures of this planet. Quite the contrary. But simply that higher vibrational beings do not not get caught up in the pleasures of this planet. aka – seven deadly sins)

This splitting in two will perhaps look more like what happened at the spa with my friend, or what happened to my friend’s friends when they came to the city. Rather than the earth physical splitting in two, the 3rd dimensional group will simply cease to exist in the 5th dimensional group’s world, and vice versa.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: side note… I have been aware for years that when non-empaths are in my presence they sometimes become empathic as well, which increases both of our capabilities for picking up on energetic stuff. This is what might have increased my neighbor’s ability to see that thing in the sky. There was a guy down the block who could NOT see it. I ran toward him before my neighbor came out and was like, “DID YOU SEE THAT?!” and pointed to the sky and he looked at me like I was nuts. Thank goodness my neighbor came out and confirmed what I saw. Hopefully it really was just a really, really, really fast blimp that glows red and has no distinct shape.

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