Indigo Adults and Powerful Personal Vibration: An Exercise

One of my favorite authors is Brian Tracy.

Though he writes mostly sales and business books, he has a lot of wisdom for indigo adults and empaths.

One of Tracy’s books that I continue to return to Goals.

The entire book is devoted to manifesting, but I think that that’s a bit “woo-woo” for the business types that typically pick up books by Tracy, so he refers to everything in the context of goals.

One of the exercises in the book involves writing your goals every day.

Yes, I know, sounds tedious… but think about it.

If they are goals that truly inspire you, the process, once you sit down and do it, should evoke ideas and inspire you. Connecting with the goals at this deep a level should connect you to the being you desire to becoming.

It is especially powerful to write goals, rather than just say them (I do both). Tracy says that there is something about (hand) writing the goals that really forces one to focus on what is being written.

My process involves writing the goals in the morning and then reading them out loud immediately after I write them, and then in the evening re-reading them out loud before I go to bed.

I have always been someone who has written goals, but I had not written them every day until I started last spring.

The process was actually quite accidental. I wrote them one day. Then a few days later I wrote them again. And then I eventually ended up writing them every day.

And then I made it an experiment to see how long I could keep it up. And I haven’t stopped yet!

During this time, there has been a lot of transition in my life in regards to friends, health, work, and lifestyle… everything that I have written about in my goals.

For example, with friends, within a few days of writing, “All of my relationships are full of mutual trust, respect, liking and support,” several of my friends were excreted out of my life.

Ramblin AZ (Sedona) - 02

I say “excreted” because even in the midst of the friendships I knew they were junk-food relationships… not really quality relationships with not very high-quality people (lacking in integrity, honesty, etc) but I didn’t want to see that because I really did like them… they were fun to hang out with (and quite frankly, Sedona is slim-pickin’s for friendships if you are in your 20’s-30’s and want similarly aged people in your life.)

But liking is only part of the goal. So the universe and I excreted them out of my experience.

This is one of the benefits of doing this exercise, but I write this also to warn you that the changes can be powerful and swift and I can’t say that the initial feeling of letting go of these people felt good. (The image that it is evoking to me is when one takes too much fiber and there is a fast ‘excretion’ on a biological level – not fun.)

But after a few weeks I did feel better and it was actually much more empowering to move forth without the presence of these people in my life.

Also, throughout these changes there were a few moments when I wanted to stop the exercise, mainly out of laziness… or so I thought.

Here is the key thought of this post… The times when I wanted to let go of the process were the times I benefited from it the most.

That is because the times that I didn’t want to do it were the times I was the most out of vibration from these goals.

In the midst of moving thousands of miles and starting a new school I was so stressed and had so many moments of questioning my ability and worthiness to be doing what I was doing. Will my choices and all the stress that I am experiencing right now be worth it in the end? Why don’t I just take the easy route?

Add to that the fact that I was around people who knew my old vibration very well and, as an indigo adult and empath, could feel that imprinting on me.

I think this happens to a lot of empaths and I realized in this process that by doing this exercise my vibration – the one that I was deliberately creating through the goals exercises – were stronger than the vibrations of family, who I was before I started focusing on these goals, my own habitual tendencies to move into my old vibration (like turning around at the first sign of overwhelm and stress), etc…

So I’m encouraging indigo adults, empaths and others who feel that they are pretty psychically open to do this exercise.

Try it for a couple weeks and observe the shifts in your life.

Remember to write in the positive (say “I am slender” rather than “I’m not fat”) and that “I am..________” statements are the most powerful statements because your brain will hear them and align with them.

Also, I like to write, “or something better.” at the end of each of the statements.

“I earn $XXX per year, or something better.” Because sometimes you might ask for something and not know that it’s not in your best interest.

I also highly recommend you pick up Brian Tracy’s book. It’s really good and goes much more in-depth than what I have written.

If you do this and have results, please post them as comments on this page! I would love to hear them.

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