Indigo Adults and Octarine Transition

I recently got an email asking me about a indigo adults experiencing an Octarine transition, and I didn’t really know what to write.

I just researched Octarine transition. Honestly, I wish I could help with that but I don’t know much about it.

There is not much posted online about the Octarine Transition but this is the best article I have found.

I do have some theories about it, though.

Some of the sites I saw referred to Octarine as a color of aura. So one would be an Octarine Adult, rather than an indigo adult.

The other sites implied that the transition, called “Octarine Transition”, was the shifting of an individual from an Indigo Adult to a Crystal Adult.

Also, the descriptions of Octarine Adults were different than the typical descriptions of Crystal Adults.

Regardless of what color (of aura) you are, I believe that all of these classifications can be grouped under one classification, which would be the NEW CHILDREN (or in some of our cases, the NEW ADULTS).

I have found that different indigo adults and children (shall I call them New People?) have different psychic abilities.

Perhaps the color indicates the type of mission one is on on this planet and that determines the abilities necessary to achieve that mission.

Whenever I am having a difficult time, such as when I am transitioning to a higher vibrational state, I consider it to be a time that will allow me to be able to better handle changes that are coming up for EVERYONE (Muggles included).

I once had someone say to me, “The psychics, healers and intuitives go through everything emotionally/psychically BEFORE the general population so that they may help them through that time with even emotions and a clear head.”

I have found this to be quite true for me.

I was working across from the World Trade Center three months before 9-11 and I was incredibly distraught every day I had to go to work. All I kept thinking was, “I have to get away from here!” which was weird because I was earning an ENORMOUS amount of money and I liked my job.

But now I know why.

So do your best not do despair. There will be a time when you will be needed and you will be able to see clearly when others are needing your guidance.

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  1. Hi… Do you have any idea or a link to more information regarding the octarine indigo crisis? I am unable to make it in life because all of a sudden i am this the octarine. I have lost my job my friends i lost family neighbors friends and acquaintances and all because i am weird with this. I am unable to find employment because i listened to my inner self went through the transition and now i am in the streets ive lost it all for nothing. Do you have anything that i can trace all of this back? I am in dispair.

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