Indigo Adults and Holiday Recovery

Hello Indigo Adults!

I realize that I haven’t written for a couple weeks and I apologize for that.

I’m letting you know now that my semester has started and I might be a little less consistent with my posts, depending on how much school work I have.


Now that that’s cleared up, on to today’s topic…

The holidays were kind of crazy for me and I feel like that’s true for a majority of the population.

I posted a few items on how to stay centered during this time.  But what about afterward? How to recover?

The way I feel whenever I go somewhere is that I’m still “carrying” stuff from where I have previously been.

So arriving back in Flagstaff, I was carrying stuff from New Jersey, New York and Las Vegas.

The energy in Flag is much cleaner than in any of these places, so the effect all this travel had on me upon arriving back home was to feel incredibly unstable.  And, quite frankly, very bitchy.

Despite cleaning and shielding and cleaning and shielding over and over again, it took a few days for me to clean off.

Even going to Sedona, which usually works very well for me was not effective.  Sedona “spit” me out.  (I got a speeding ticket which NEVER happens to me, and felt even more unstable than in Flagstaff.)

So take it easy for the first few days back from travel.  I also find that baths with a mix of sea salt, Epsom salt and lavender essential oil also help with the clearing.

I have also been holding on tight to the black tourmaline, but those came on the trip with me and they had absorbed the energy of the places I had been, so they needed to be cleaned, too.  I often find that white sage smoke and/or cold running water works best to clean crystals (but you must do it while mentally  intending to clean them.)

What’s weird is that my 2nd and 3rd chakra were very irritated the entire time I was out of town.  I felt it so bad in my 2nd chakra that I actually started to get rashes and bleed in that area… right in the center of my belly.

I was shielding but I wasn’t able to stop this from happening.

All cleared up now that I’ve been home for 2 weeks.

Does that happen to any other indigo adults or psychic minds? Please let me know how you deal with it…

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