Indigo Adults and Higher Learning

I’m still busy being a full-time student, which is why I haven’t written in a while.

Interesting… this collective I am part of now.

Student.  College.

Even though I am surrounded by more indigo adults (young adults) than ususal or than were around me when I was in college the first time, I find that many that are around me are unsatisfied.

And I’m not used to being forced to study material that doesn’t interest me.

And I think that young adults are being told so much to follow the program, that they do so even if it is not right for them.

Perhaps indigo adults really hit their stride once the brainwashing of youth has worn off a bit.

Either way, my college classes kind of dim my soul fire a bit.  I don’t like it.

But I DO like it!

That’s the weird thing.

I ususally LOVE most of the topics I am studying now.  I love graphic design and drawing.

I don’t understand why all the joy is sucked out of it just because it is being taught in a college institution.

So, for that reason, I have been a bit out of sorts lately, which is probably why I haven’t written and connected with you, the readers of this site, who are, on the whole, quite joyful, centered and supportive. (and I am very appreciative of you for that! Thank you!)

Anyhoo, I was on an indigo chat site and I found this great discussion about the proper education of indigo adults and children.

I keep asking my college if there is a way I can put together my own curriculum for a major (either as an undergrad or for my masters), but the school seems totally locked into having a particular protocol.

It’s a shame because my contribution to the school and to other students and to society as a whole would be greatly enhanced if they would let me mold my degree in the way that I think is best.

AND it would be 10 times more challenging a curriculum.  But that would be OK because I would be doing what I love, so I would do better than I’m doing now in my snooze classes.

I actually find the classes that I can sleep-walk through INFINITELY more challenging than those that are really difficult but stimulate my mind and my spirit.

But I think this is true with everyone, not just indigo adults and children.  We just happen to be more vocal about it.  And we tend to learn faster, so we better be passionate about what we do or else our interest in class has a tendency to wane quickly, as soon as we master what we are doing.

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