Indigo Adults And Food (Part 3 of ???) – Why I’m NOT Vegetarian

meat_eating_indigo_adultI have tried to be vegetarian 5 times, the last time I went strict raw.

All 5 times I got very, very, very tired.

Granted, the first time I tried, I was in college and my version of vegetarianism was bagels and brownies from dining hall.

But the last time I gave it a shot, I did all the research and I made sure I was getting it right in practice.

I gave ample time to go through that detox effect that everyone talks about.

I did it right.

But nothing felt better than the first time sinking my teeth into a grass fed, pastured hamburger after several weeks without.

I’m not saying eating meat is right for everyone.

But these experiments in vegetarianism have given me some insights as to when a vegetarian lifestyle might work for me.

A few years back I went to a meditation event called Illumination Intensive.

It was five days long, and we ate very little food.

All we did was meditate and sleep occasionally.

The food was all vegetarian. This worked for me.

I came back from that event and I was still in that meditative space.

The event had opened me up so much that I was having conversations with fruit in the supermarket and walking down certain isles or holding a bag of nuts would make me violently ill.

I was, what I call, up in the air.

Totally ungrounded and able to feel into everything.

In terms of chakras, I would say I was at the 7th (crown) and above.

That is what it is. It’s not good or bad or more virtuous. It’s just a state one can take on, especially if one has been involved in an intense and long meditation experience.

THIS is when I think vegetarianism works, at least for me.

If I know I’m going to an ashram in India for 6 months, and will only be sitting and meditating, then I am pretty sure that I could eat this way and it would be in alignment with my goals of being on this plane on a primarily spiritual state.

The thing is that most people don’t live like that.

I’m guessing you have a life.

Even if you spend most of your time sitting and thinking, it is different than being in that high a spiritual state and for indigo adults that are empaths, it is really tough because being that ungrounded means feeling into EVERYTHING.

I used to joke that a spider farts in China and I feel it like an earthquake.

That’s not a functional place to be in the concrete, physical world where things get done.

Therefore, when it comes to eating vegetarianism, I think it is good if you are wanting to go into your higher chakras.

(Higher chakras does not mean better than lower chakras, it just means not dealing as much with the physical world.)

But if you do want to go that direction, make sure you have a life that supports that.

I do not.

I make movies. I hop on buses. I go to the grocery store. I walk my dog. I have conversations with people.

I cannot be that up in the air.

Therefore, I eat meat. I eat meat ethically – I buy from farms that are local that let their animals out in the sunshine (which increases the nutrients in the meat) and that are treated well and killed humanely.

And the whole thing about killing being inhumane…

Vegetarians kill plants. And the plants have bugs and microbes on them that are often not detected. Do these organisms have less of a right to live than animals?

I feel that if native tribal cultures can eat meat without moral qualms, than who am I, an American living in a big concrete city, to say that eating meat is wrong.

I think the key is that the process of the animal going from slaughter to meal must be a loving and grateful one. I read somewhere that tribal cultures that were hunting would give thanks to those animals that would offer themselves to be killed and give their nutrients to the tribe.

Energetically, this feels like the right way to go, no matter what you are eating. And I think it makes eating meat ok.

Because whether it is vegetable or animal, it is the way that it is harvested – the intention, the process and the love and gratitude that is most important.

This is true for the preparation and the consumption, too.

This is why I think prayer at the table developed. It changes the food energetically in a positive way.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Indigo Adults And Food (Part 3 of ???) – Why I’m NOT Vegetarian”

  1. Thank you Leslie,
    This is definitely food for thought because I have found with my commitments in the physical world and constant anaemia, I also have not succeeded in becoming vegetarian but am feeling that the time for vegetarianism is coming closer in my spiritual journey.
    In Light x

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